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Ankit Love – An Emperor in London, UK (Who Wants To Be London Mayor!)

By - May 4, 2016
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“We’re not politicians, we’re revolutionaries and we’re going to win,” says the ‘One Love Party’ London Mayor candidate Ankit Love.

Quite the bold statement to make considering Ankit Love is the unknown maverick who when covered in the mainstream media over the coming weeks leading up to the London Mayoral elections on May 5th, has been tipped as one of the least likely official candidate getting the mass vote as London’s next Mayor.



When we first even noticed his name in the list of official candidates it got our attention. “Leader of the ONE LOVE PARTY” … it all sounded intriguing, albeit a little satirical. Listening to Ankit Love speak about his quite well-thought-out yet outlandish sounding ‘revolution’ made us wonder whether this was one elaborate publicity stunt, or a delusional episode of grandeur which bordered on almost a caricature-like fictional character such as comedian Steve Coogans’ ‘Alan Partridge’ or Will Ferrells’ ‘Ron Burgundy’… maybe even a hint of ‘Dr Evil’ from Austin Powers! But then I love all of these comic characters, and I also naturally tend to gravitate towards all things ‘alternative’ and so I decided to spend a day with this self-proclaimed Emperor in London!!

The profiles of other candidates such as Tory billionaire Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan from the UK Labour Party are quite well-known, and tipped as a potential number 3 in the polls for the Mayor race George Galloway of the Respect Party, who also has a significant media presence and public following in London from his escapades on TV (Big Brother… how can we forget that!!) and his previous stints in Politics to date.

Ankit Love hasn’t been seen or heard by most, but he does believe that he represents the unheard voices of real London people. During my interview with him, he went through each list of concern many if not most Londoners have today. Housing, Crime and Security, Economy, Air Pollution, and the many social issues of concern such as Gang Cultures, Drugs, Homelessness, Equality of Opportunity for young people… he has put much effort behind his rather ambitious entry into Politics and he has garnered considerable local support in a very short space of time.

“I’ve sacrificed a lot to even be in the list of candidates and I’m very serious about representing the people of London.” says Ankit.



“Call it a social experiment, or publicity stunt… either way I’m proposing something different and both London and UK Politics as a whole demands for an alternative choice and also needs more real, genuine people of the public to be part of the political processes. I’m not part of the elite, I don’t affiliate with any mainstream party and at my core, my campaign is advocating a new, growing movement of individuals around the world who are sick and tired of the status quo and wish to change things to benefit more people!!”

Altogether there are a list of 12 candidates to choose from for the city of London to elect it’s spokesperson on the issues that matter to Londoners. London is one of, if not the finest capital cities of the world and it deserves to be represented in the best way for the people who live and work here and have done so all of their lives.

And a democracy is truly tested when people are given a broad choice of candidates spanning a broader demographic of it’s citizens.

We were intrigued by Ankit Love, and after spending a day during his campaign in London we saw first-hand a guy who may come across like a maverick, but he certainly brings well-thought and quite viable (if not rather outlandish sounding) proposals for the city he calls his home. He firmly believes that a political process in which it becomes a 2 person or maybe 3 person race every time is not an authentic representation of what a democracy should be. And the response from everyone who he gets a chance to interact with, even within minutes is very positive.

During one interaction in particular, his call to legalise cannabis invoked an emotional response from a young lady on the street in Bethnal Green, London; who went through a series of medical issues where if the medical use of Marijuana had been an option, it would have saved her much in terms of the side effects she experienced with strong prescribed chemical medications.

And he has made considerable sacrifices to include himself as an official London Mayor candidate. He had previously been made homeless and now lives under a railway bridge in Bethnal Green in East London, UK. His small campaign budget has all been spent getting himself in the list of candidates and traveling across London speaking to people about what he is bringing and why he should be taken seriously.



Just like other so-called ‘outsider’ names on the candidate list… Lee Harris (CISTA), Prince Zylinski, Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party) and even Peter Whittle (UKIP) and David Furness (BNP); each represent a different perspective and section of London society and each believes he or she is the right person for the Mayoral position.

What I do like about the likes of the Ankit Loves of the world, as crazy as his mini-revolutionary movement may come across to many… and as crazy as he may actually be for even believing he can win, is that he is a new breed of politician volunteering himself to be part of the political process and wishing to represent the public beyond demographics and beyond mainstream party affiliations.

One Love Party

One Love Party

His call does come across as a kind of naive, mini-revolutionary ‘ONE LOVE’ movement and he stands alone in his pursuit to unite London as one. He does seem quite genuine, albeit inexperienced and possibly over-ambitious… but he does present into the public domain some quite interesting underlying sentiments which need to be heard with his ONE LOVE PARTY manifesto… and as utopian or ‘pie-in-the-sky’ as his vision may come across to most, you gotta hand it to him for being crazy enough to believe in what many others are calling ‘impossible’ … kinda reminds me of the famous quote by the late Steve Jobs:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are often the ones who do!”

So London, it’s your call on May 5th, do your research, listen to what all candidates are bringing to the table and may the force be with you!!

And even if Ankit Love doesn’t win, or even come close… it certainly makes the race a little more interesting and here’s to more diverse choices for everyone in the future!



Special thanks to James Herner and Ankit Love.

Video Filmed by: Vin Sharma for Newsivity
Edit by: Kelly Clapton

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