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Thaneswar Guragai: The Hidden talent of Kathmandu, Nepal

By - June 22, 2015
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“If you can Dream it; you can do it; so keep dreaming and keep doing!”says Thaneswar Guragai during the filming in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Just days later; a devastating earthquake hit the region and left an impact of not only those on the ground, but the millions who came together worldwide to offer support and donations to all who were affected. Much work is still being done to recover the lives of all affected on the ground across Kathmandu, and locations such as even the exact backdrops seen in the above video are now unrecognisable from being ruined during the earthquake.

Nepal Relief Fund

Thaneswar, like many in Nepal is very proud of his nation and he has been working extensively over the last few months to offer his own support and positive actions on the ground, in particularly distributing relief materials for many remote villages affected in the region. What many people may not realise when they meet him is that he is quite well-known all around the world from having traveled to different countries and appeared on national tv shows. He has honed a long list of quirky and rather unique skills as part of his talent repertoire and he is a multiple world record holder with an array of fun records to his name.



From squeezing through toilet seats and tennis racquets, to balancing heavy items on his face. And as displayed in the video above, he has also mastered some very original basketball tricks including spinning for long duration on his finger, on his elbow, on his nose, on his chin whilst spinning the ball on a toothbrush (must be seen to be believed!!!) and on his toe.

It’s purely simple passions and endeavours that he has adopted that are at his reach in his life and further enhanced by a desire to entertain others, and make his nation proud in his own way. When asked about his long term ambitions he told us:

“I want to request for the same level of support and recognition as I get from people all around the world. I have achieved so many world records now and I want to continue and keep setting myself challenges because I enjoy it. I have strived through challenges since very young, and I love it!”



During filming, Thaneswar managed to set yet another brand new world record to add to his others, and this time for ‘The Longest time spinning a basketball on his toe’ he did so for 20.87 seconds which just beat the previous official record set at around 19 seconds. We would advise people to try and attempt some of the skills Thaneswar displays with the basketball… it really isn’t as easy as he makes it look.



It’s not life changing what Thaneswar does, although it has enabled travel around the world; something he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do without his great skills. Many will wonder what motivates anyone to pursue unique skills and talents such as the ones displayed, and especially in a current world where traditional forms of entertainment and entertainers get lost amongst the access of skills and talent we get to see online daily.

But what Thaneswar represents beyond his skills is simply what can be achieved through passion and dedication. He loves being able to achieve something that sets him apart from anyone else in the world, and it’s that very aspect of breaking records that appeals to him and the many others who love to do so worldwide. His goal is to keep getting better at what he does, and he hopes his quirky ability will continue to bring more opportunities throughout his life. Regardless of anything, he will continue to enjoy what he does.



And just like success, not everyone always achieves it to the highest levels, but if you can be happy with everything you do achieve whatever it is, be it small or big, and be it world record breaking or simply a goal or dream you have for yourself… like Thaneswar advises – just keep dreaming and just keep doing!


Thaneswar wishes to dedicate his latest achievement to the people of his nation, and especially all those affected by the earthquake in Kathmandu, and we would like to also urge everyone to continue offering support and donations to the charity projects working on the ground in Nepal. One of the reasons we are showcasing what was planned for a very different reason at the time.

Here is a list of some of the recommended charities to support:

Special thanks to Thaneswar and Binod based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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