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We exist in an evolving space between the noisy mainstream news industries and the areas where the demand for the kind of news being consumed is shifting fast. Our focus is to lead with the good news and everything else is secondary, because after all, we know bad things happen but there is an equal amount of, if not more good stuff happening on every street, in every city of every country worldwide.

Within the umbrella of #GOODNEWS we are only interested in #News that invokes #Inspiration , #Motivation #Engagement … news that makes you smile, laugh, think, feel… news that brings nostalgia to good times happened, or shifts your focus towards the good things that are coming. It is our belief that when you place yourself in the space where your focus is on all good things first, then this by default attracts more good things your way. And we have had enough of being fed hype mongering, negative news reports that have an impact on everyone collectively in that it desensitises the masses and leaves the consumer void of empathy or even worse, feeling helpless.

We acknowledge that the world is #Shifting towards change in so many areas and that we as people as well as our institutions and the fabrics of all global societies are evolving rapidly in real-time. Culturally, Politically, Spiritually, and Economically… every thing is heading towards change on some level, or the need to do so. The human experience is very much digitally entwined and #NEWSIVITY is amplifying important aspects of it worldwide within its platforms. Our interest is also to shift our collective global focus towards more positively human-centric, collaborative, solution-focussed, compassionate, and visionary directions. This is our core purpose, and the reason why we exist.

Also at our core we are citizens, we are journalists, we are content producers, we are content marketing experts, and we are professional activists who demand for positive change in the areas that should benefit everyone collectively. After all, beyond labels and demographics, we are all more inter-connected than we have ever been before during what will one day be looked upon as a time where everything, including news #Shifts.

Guavo Media

In 2012/2013 a series of industry scenarios in different locations prompted a like-minded group of highly intelligent, well-connected and talented media luvvies to pursue a path they were all destined for. Ostracised by wider industries, and with some leaving rigid industry regimes and at times highly unethical work practices within some of the biggest newsrooms and TV Production studios in the world… because being freethinking visionaries was just not valued enough and an expectation to be mere cogs in larger wheels was the only expectation. And so Guavo Media was formed. The output was good news and the visionary approach was to change how global news is consumed and being delivered.

Today after much early and current investment injected into the operation they survive as soldiers of all things good, worthy and important and they are armed with cameras, recording devices, an abundance of creative vision, and a sense of purpose. If you are doing something that demands to be seen and heard and if you can find us… maybe you can hire – THE GUAVO ‘A-TEAM’

We produce news features worldwide with teams based in a number of key territories and regions. We are also providing bespoke content production solutions to a range of brands, individuals, projects and charities; and we have built up a reputation for enhancing all things visual, and content-related. Our broader partnerships are also highlighted in our output, but the general theme and underlying message remains consistent throughout. We continue gratefully to our investors, loyal supporters , clients and our global network.

Contact us for a chat over tea and biscuits to see how we can help:

+44 (0) 843 289 7077, Email, Facebook, Twitter

The Newsivity Network

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In the time we have been operating to date we have built up a strong reputation as being one of the worlds first ‘GOOD NEWS ONLY’ news providers, and content production set-ups… maintaining ethics in every step we take and have taken so far. In a small space of time we have reached a huge global audience, and we have also been awarded the ‘International Media Award 2013/14′ for our high profile involvements by the coveted AMA event in Manchester held in association with ITV, Mediacom, Press Association and the UK Trade and Investment body:

We are growing at a fast rate and the future is bright, and we certainly consider ourselves part of the growing movement of positive disruptors pushing creative action and much needed change worldwide… and as in the famous words of Thomas A. Edison:

“There are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

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