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Four amateur athletes Sprint Backwards for Charity in Biratnagar, Nepal

By - October 21, 2015
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Newsivity / Guavo

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Four young amateur athletes based in Biratnagar in Nepal have this week successfully attempted quite the unusual athletics world record stunt where they have run a 200m by 4 relay sprint; but running as fast as they can… BACKWARDS!

The Four youths, Sunil Hansda, Om Prakash Shah, Manish Shrestha and Unique Dahal from Biratnagar took exactly 3 minutes and 54 seconds to complete the 4 x 200m backward dashes and set a brand new world record.

Newsivity / Guavo

Newsivity / Guavo

The motivation for the unique world record attempt, beyond the glory of becoming world record holders was to raise donations for local charity organisations that work in the interests of child welfare and projects across Nepal working to eradicate issues of child labour.

After successfully completing the race, one of the runners Manish Shrestha said:

“Any one can achieve anything If they put their full passion and mind to it, and when doing something fun like this for the interest of helping others; then that is just something everyone should try and just Go For it!”

Newsivity / Guavo

Newsivity / Guavo

A witness of the unusual reverse sprint relay race said:

“We are proud that these guys are doing this for the interest of charity and they are also representing their country of Nepal and putting us on the map to an international audience.”

Each backward runner sprinted 200 metres each covering a total of 800m distance run altogether in relay.

Newsivity / Guavo

Newsivity / Guavo

Individual timings during the race were as follows:

Unique Dahal – 1 min 2 seconds
Sunil Hansda – 1 min 3 seconds
OmPrakash Shah – 1 minute
Manish Shrestha – 49 seconds.

Participant, Manish Shrestha also already holds a few quirky world records for ‘Most Oranges peeled and Eaten in 3
minutes’ and ‘ Most One-Arm Plank Push-Ups In One Minute’ with record authority ‘Record Setter’

Nepal has a growing number of quirky record holders including ‘Most kicks to the head’ as held by local man Puskar Nepal and most ‘Basketball spins on the toe’ as set recently by a Kathmandu based man.

Newsivity / Guavo

Newsivity / Guavo

The four backward runners are currently awaiting official verification of their stunt by a number of world record authorities.

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Special Thanks to P. Nepal.