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Ali Ihsan Al-Khalil: The Refugee Rapper from Syria

By - July 23, 2016
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Syria has been marred by a brutal war, forcing the people to leave everything behind and find refuge in other countries. Only this week, a US military strike killed over 80 civilians including children and elderly, mistaking the location as having ISIL fighters present. Life is tough, and younger generation Syrian refugees are finding creative outlets to vent their feelings.

One such refugee is Ali Ihsan Al-Khalil, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee living in Al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. He found a unique way to expresses his experiences, about the struggles of refugees, and the daily news happenings… through his love of Hip Hop music.


The Norwegian Refugee Council has helped this rapper record a track, and it is getting much attention around the world.

We salute Ali for using creativity as his outlet… we hope the world takes notice and listens to what he is trying to tell them!

Credit: Norwegian Refugee Council