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Justin & Patrick on the ‘Camino de Santiago Trek’ in Spain

By - June 27, 2014
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What would you do for your best friend? What would you do if your best friend had a dream… a seemingly impossible dream to traverse a 500-mile trek that would challenge even the healthiest of men? What if your friend was in a wheelchair and living with a progressive auto-immune disease, rendering him practically immobile and often without the use of his legs or limbs?

Best friends from early in life Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray have been testing their faith in humanity, and each other, as they are well en route to be the first to attempt and complete ‘The Way of St. James trek’ in northern Spain, also known as ‘El Camino de Santiago’ – and using a non- motorised wheelchair for Justin to be pushed in.

This is not an easy task even for the healthiest of men, as Justin has been 100% dependent on Patrick for every aspect of the six week long journey which is mid-way right now. From sunrise to sunset, from eating to using the restroom, Patrick is not only being pushed by Justin in his wheelchair, but is also being looked ofter for his general health and well-being. To say the least, there are and have already been huge risks and challenges!

“Just because you have your own limitations doesn’t mean we cant do things, and for me personally it’s the realization that I can overcome my limitations and let others help me too. Patrick is my best friend and when I told him what I wanted to do he just instantly said… and I’ll Push You” says Justin.

Patrick when speaking about the journey told us:

“In some ways each of us (or community or country) have limitations. We can be limited by ailments, circumstances, perceptions, or resources. At worst, these limitations can invite despair, stagnation, or aggression even! Justin is like my brother, even though we are not related by blood, we definitely share a bond and natural kinship.”

The journey kicked off last week and you can follow a regular blog from the journey via:

Justin Skeesuck calls himselfThe Disabled Travelerand he teaches and empowers people with all types of disabilities to learn how to fully live life and travel the world in much the same way as he has been doing for some time. This trip is part of his own personal journey of wishing to see the world whilst also hoping it will further enhance the message he wishes to spread worldwide. A short documentary is planned for release from the footage being filmed throughout every stage of the journey.

What we particularly loved about the project when we first connected with Justin is that it represents a very modern pilgrimage which doesn’t necessarily hold an overt religious significance… its more about the bond of friendship, each of our own relationships with those we choose to have around us and on many levels how we must all try and connect in a more meaningful manner to assist each others growth, be it spiritually or just as human beings on the journey of life as a whole.

Justin also represents that Guavo spirit we advocate with everything we do… thanks for conveying it perfectly with your journey Justin and Patrick, and we look forward to the celebrations very soon!

Guavo Media are also in direct contact with both Justin and Patrick throughout the journey for any interview or quote requests email: [email protected]

General Media Enquiries: [email protected]

Video Credit: Emota