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The Daily Commute affected by the National Fuel Crisis in Nepal

By - October 15, 2015
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As Nepal’s government takes measures to ease the ongoing fuel crisis, Kathmandu residents are posting their petrol shortage woes on social media. We also managed to capture responses from the hundreds of daily commuters who are being forced to jump onto the top of buses, as well as be left hanging dangerously outside.

“I have to travel far from where I live due to my exams and I have no choice but to travel like this, regardless of how dangerous it is!” said a young student based in Kathmandu.



Nepal has been hit with fuel shortages since August, with a supply route on the Indian border blocked by protesters from the Madhesi ethnic group. They say the country’s new constitution splits their territory into different regional governments. Nepal has accused India of imposing a petrol blockade in order to support the Madhesis, which India denies.



This week Nepal officials began distributing small amounts of gasoline for private vehicles in the capital. As drivers lined the streets of Kathmandu, many took to social media to share their fuel crisis stories some of which are included HERE

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Special thanks to P. Nepal.