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GUAVO UPDATE: March 2013: with Tameru Zegeye in Ethiopia

By - March 17, 2013
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The world first got to hear about the inspirational story of Tameru from our very own feature a few months ago. Well, since the international coverage and the countless amounts of positive messages of support that we received worldwide, Tameru’s life has changed significantly since our team’s contact. Going from a fairly isolated existence and also without a stable long-term avenue of income in order to support himself, Tameru is now traveling full time after news of his profile spread across the regions to a touring circus group called Debre Berhan in Ethiopia… and thereby bringing a livelihood from what he loves doing most – performing stunts and tricks!

Recently, alongside our colleagues we managed to raise funds for Tameru to also purchase some much needed new crutches as his previous crutches were too small for him and quite dangerous for when he was performing his stunts. The hi-tech + made-to-measure crutches are manufactured by the SIDESTIX organization in British Columbia, Canada and were the ones chosen as best suited for Tameru’s needs. He was presented with the crutches this week and was overjoyed!

He mentioned how he loved the pads on the inside of the cuffs, and how much he liked the grips providing more surface area for his hands, since he’s always standing on his hands. He also loved the shock absorbers, and the fatter feet which make his tricks much more stable. He also likes the carrying bag and said he felt like a musician with his guitar!

After our colleague Nico in Ethiopia presented Tameru with the new sticks it took him not more than ten minutes to get used to them and walk around on his hands. He even did a small show in the street in front of Nico‘s house and all the local people in the vicinity gathered to watch.

This week, he’ll be performing with his crew in a small town in Eastern Ethiopia and so alongside Tameru, the Stix are now set to continue moving around the world. 1st stage of another GUAVO Mission accomplished!

Tameru now has his future goals set towards being able to perform one day with the likes of ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ – and we are supporting this journey all the way!

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