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Superhuman Strongman Wins a 150m Race against Horses in Austria

By - August 18, 2017
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Guavo Media / Newsivity

On August 8th 2017 Superhuman Strongman Franz Muellner of Austria raced against 2 horses in the mountain village of Katschberg in Austria, and we were there to watch it live.

These are some highlights from the day, as well as the unique 150m race itself:

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A 360 Degree Video View of this unique Superhuman vs 2 Horses Race can also be viewed via:

The very day before this stunt, Franz had also remarkably set a new world record for lifting the heaviest weight on his shoulders at 661KG’s, with the weight of a helicopter resting on himself over a board above his shoulders.

Newsivity / Guavo Media

Newsivity / Guavo Media

In the race between superhuman and the horses, Franz won by milliseconds and crossed the line before the horses… it built up a great bit of excitement in the small mountain village of Katschberg in Austria, a 2 hour drive from the city of Salzburg.

“We are here on holidays, and heard the commotion so came out to watch. Franz is like some kind of Superman, it was amazing to see him race these horses and we heard that he lifted a helicopter just yesterday. Truly amazing!” one of the witnesses told Newsivity.

After the horse race, Franz was in great spirits and told Newsivity:

“By beating the 2 horses, I have shown that maybe I am a 2 horse power human, maybe even more as the weights we were pulling were very heavy too with 3 people sitting in each carts. The horses looked very dissapointed after losing, but we had a drink together later so I hope we are still friends,” he said.

Guavo Media / Newsivity

Guavo Media / Newsivity

Franz may be a man mountain, and would certainly scare your kids and pets, but what makes him that much more special is that he is a great big softie away from the feats of stunts and an all-round nice guy!

Watch the Incredible Helicopter stunt, which has to be seen to be believed.

Special thanks to Team Franz.
Filming / Edit / Words by: @vinsharma

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