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Flying Man Jeb Corliss soars over China’s Great Wall

By - May 30, 2016
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The man dubbed as the “Human Arrow” on the whole ‘Wing-Suit Flying’ circuit, Jeb Corliss of USA ripped through a target on China’s Great Wall this week in the latest of a string of stunts carried out by the 40-year-old daredevil.

For Corliss this latest challenge, involving skydiving from a helicopter dressed in a wingsuit, was all about precision. Corliss said for this challenge he’d wanted to so something “safer” after flying through a 25 foot wide crevice between two cliff faces for his previous stunt.

Jeb Corliss

The flight was originally planned for a day earlier but high winds — which Corliss said could “basically kill you” stopped the first attempt.

Corliss later said he was done with “death defying.”

“I’m not about doing death defying stuff anymore,” told NBC News. “That’s not the point. What I’d much rather do is things that are safe, repeatable, but more difficult.”


He added,

“Astronauts, when they went there to the moon, did they go there to be death defying? Was that their goal — how hard-core we can be? No. Their concept was how do we get to the moon and get home. They had a much bigger, grander vision in mind. It wasn’t about being death defying. It was about accomplishing a goal that pushed the human species forward.”

Three words… BALLS OF STEEL! … Another word… CRAZY, but then we too love a little bit of crazy once in a while! And we also completely understand the reasoning beyond why the likes of Jeb Corliss and countless other daredevils worldwide do what they do.

Jeb Corliss