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Rebecca Stewart becomes UK’s youngest female pilot

By - November 7, 2014
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For most teenagers, getting a driving license is what is on their minds to gain the freedoms of being a young adult.

But for Rebecca Stewart from Guernsey, it was not a car she wanted for her 17th birthday, it was a plane!

The young student has just recently become the youngest female pilot in the UK. And for her 17th birthday her dad Nigel organised a day flying with The Blades display team, and she got to take control and do loops and rolls.

Rebecca said:

“When you’re up in the sky there’s sort of nothing there, it’s not like being on a road driving around cos there’s cars everywhere. It’s sort of like really free and it’s something different so everyone says I’ll drive a car eventually, but I’ll be like, yeah, I can fly a plane.”

You need to be 17 to be awarded a pilot’s licence, so when she turned 17 after having started flying lessons from the age of 16 she officially became the youngest female pilot in the UK.

Look out for Rebecca as after clocking the hours required and of course after much more of the necessary training, one day she could be flying your plane when on your travels… and we wish her all the very best!

Special thanks to the Stewart family and to Natasha Glenville at ‘The Blades’ for their assistance.

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