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Young martial arts champ wants to positively represent his nation in Pakistan

By - July 10, 2015
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Ahmad Amin Bodla is a multiple world record breaking Martial Arts master based in Lahore, Pakistan. His motivation to train to the extreme levels daily come from his determination to show that in Pakistan, a country which he feels is always misrepresented by the worlds media to reflect the real people living there and the incredible daily happenings and talent that exists.

Mo Seedat from the Newsivity team visited the home of Ahmad and was truly touched by the hospitality of the Bodla family and inspired by his immense talent and passion for what he does. Ahmad told us how he had initially suffered from Asthma when he was younger, and he wanted to get his fitness levels up to combat the physically restricting issues his asthma caused. He told us:

“When I was younger I always got breathless after any form of physical training and I would often fall down because of it. People would tell me that I could never practice martial arts but I was always very determined and passionate. The fact that I have gone from a child with severe asthma to becoming a world record breaking martial artist I feel anyone can strive through their own personal challenges with determination if they really feel strongly about something.”



Ahmad has reached the highest levels in the competitive aspects of his chosen sport of Taekwondo and represents Pakistan at a national level in international tournaments. To enhance his impact in his country he undertakes a range of world record attempts and this time his latest has been the records for most press ups in 1 minute at 61 and he also broke a record for most kicks in 1 minute as witnessed in the above video.

We asked what advice would he give to others who may be inspired by his personal journey and his strong spirit that is clearly conveyed when speaking with him:

“My message to everyone regardless of their ability or the challenges they may face in their personal lives; always be hardworking, and use your inner determination and passion to make your own achievements and follow whatever goals you may have. Everyone has something unique and incredible about them and the world needs to see more of this today than ever before!”



Ahmad plans to continue breaking new international records and also wants to do as much as possible to show the positive aspects of his country for the wider world.



Currently Ahmad and his family are celebrating during the holy month of Ramadan in Pakistan, and a special message he wanted to also give for all fasting during the auspicious month:

“I wish a very happy and peaceful Ramadan to everyone worldwide. It’s a great month of much reflection for many, and again I believe strongly that if we all work hard, and make a positive difference in each of our lives and for the lives of others, however small or big your actions may be; Allah will reward you and keep one blessed.”

And a very special Ramadan Mubharek from our team to each and everyone celebrating this month. We wish much love, peace and good blessings for each and everyone around the world and we too believe in daily, positive actions that do good for others and make the world a better place; regardless of your religious belief or faith.

Filmed by: Mo Seedat @ Newsivity

Special thanks to Ahmad and his great friends and colleagues and his lovely family based in Lahore, Pakistan.

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