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The Team

#THISISGUAVO is supported by an international network of trusted associates, loyal partnerships and talented freelancers spread across the major worldwide territories. Our growing network is a key asset of our business, and we have stayed committed to forging long-term relationships from day one. When an Incredible story is commissioned by us anywhere in the world we have put in place the resources to be there and produce the highest quality content which then gets featured across news networks and licensed worldwide. We are always on the lookout for new trailblazers based in every country to join us on our adventures so if you are a video / photo specialist or involved in production on a freelance basis get in touch. We also hire fixers, interpreters, and production runners on the ground in the regions we may be producing in. We are also hired and commissioned ourselves for ad hoc production and casting services.

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Angela @ Ethics

The right hand lady… and both the beauty and brains of ETHICS:

Angela is the rational mind behind some of our most successful projects and ideas to date. She is also a dab hand at pr & communications, and is super-organized and efficient. She has a strong business management background with efficiency and results being of paramount importance. Any spare minute she can find, Angela will be reading as she is a bookworm and she also loves the usual girly magazines and chick flicks. She also (still!) loves George Michael! She really should be front of house and on show for obvious reasons… but she much prefers to be out of the limelight where she can observe and ensure others are doing the shining!

Vin @ #thisisguavo

Head of News Production and Casting

An award-winning all-round media and casting bod and the driving-force of #thisisguavo news productions. Vin has clocked up 10 plus successful years in the Media/Entertainment/Journalism industry and he’s been around a few multi-platform blocks in his time!

If there are any 2 words over-used by Vin… it’s ‘That’s incredible!’

Vin is the typically-driven creative-type who has a wealth of experience, and utilizes it well with clients. Super excited by the casting process and working closely with talent always maximising positive possibilities… being the former global talent honcho with internationally renowned brand ‘Guinness World Records’ and part of the casting team with the biggest TV show in the UK- ITV’s- ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – just two of the many interesting places he has contributed and ad hoc TV / branded content casting involvements ongoing. Commissioned projects coordinated with indies for the likes of Discovery channel, Fuji TV and National Geographic and with a large network of global contacts in some key areas of international TV production and Media industries.

With a love of adventure, when let loose he gets lost in music, film, comedy, and fitness fads. He’s also a Black Belt in the Sporting side of Freestyle Kickboxing, loves MMA and is still obsessed by the philosophy of Bruce Lee and anything super-hero vs villain-related. He could be classed as the ‘Alpha-Brawn’ thinker and driver of #thisisguavo and a great one to talk ‘strategy’ and ‘creative ideas’ with. Currently adventuring in Spain.

He also utilizes his natural gift of the gab perfectly and will out-talk the best of them… considers actor/comedian Will Ferrell as future leader of the human race.



The Llamas

You will notice that on many occasions we will mention our Llamas. We often do this when we are unsure about an opinion we are making through social media in particular, and so we will use the Llamas as the third party reference through which the opinion will be touted and tested. Our Llamas are pets that have become like family and as with most pets… when a smell lingers, we often blame it on them. If we refer to anyone as a ‘Llama’ it could be interpreted as both a term of endearment and an expression of our disappointment in their behaviour or lack of creativity.

The A-Team

The core research and production team in addition to the partnerships across the territories in which we have significant presence will be revealed very soon.

Guavo Media is also currently going through various growth-stage investment pitches with a number of bodies in order to take our operations through to the next phase of delivery and volume. Announcements and updates here soon.