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Igor Zaripov of Russia – ‘The Real-Life Man of Steel’

By - June 13, 2013
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This week as the world braces itself for the eagerly anticipated ‘Man of Steel‘ film release – we bring to your attention the profile of an athlete and performer being dubbed as ‘The Real-Life Man of Steel’ – or should we call him the ‘Mouth of Steel’ - Igor Zaripov is a Reebok Cross-Fit athlete and established ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ artist currently based in Las Vegas, USA, and most recently part of ‘The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour’ production of Soleil as well as also landing the lead role in acclaimed Film Director James Cameron‘s colaboration with Cirque Du Soleil – the big budget blockbuster – ‘World’s Away 3D

Igor started his life in a family dynasty established in the circus since as far back as 1893, and from a very early age he has been training to accomplish incredible, and almost super-human feats of strength and ability.

Igor has completed several world class stunts during his career and is a three times world record holder with some incredible strength-based abilities showcased from his broad repertoire… including being able to pull trucks and cars with the power of just his teeth and mouth! (the above video highlights just some of the training he goes through to be able to do this!)

And so after a stint in Hollywood with one of the most acclaimed movie directors in the world and having performed worldwide with Cirque Du Soleil he is now pushing into the next phase of his abilities and planning a range of projects for 2013 and 2014. This year he also launches his own unique functional fitness program worldwide which is a unique concept towards strength training and taking your regime and abilities beyond what you may have ever imagined. With the increasingly easier way to communicate via skype and online and the huge interest in health and fitness he will be opening up his schedule for personal training sessions and tips to enhance your own regime and adapt his concept to your aims and requirements – we would recommend getting in touch fast due to the demand though!

Whereas most bodybuilding and fitness programs focus on just aesthetic benefits, Igor’s own fitness training brand which he calls ‘Czar Fitness’ focusses on far more functionality aspects to sync with whatever requirements an individual may have, which whilst encouraging pushing your personal limits will naturally bring the bonus of the aesthetic benefits too. Athletes who are looking to enhance their strength training would particularly benefit from Igor’s specialist knowledge and experience as would fitness enthusiasts wishing to push their levels of body power.

To learn more about Igor Zaripov and to follow his journey – you can check out his brand new website launched just this week via:

Do also sign up for updates on his website to keep in touch with the regular series of Live Video Streams where he will be sharing regular tips, discussions and demos as well as exclusive access to updates that he will be coordinating from the website.

“We’re all here together, trying to do the same thing – trying to stay positive, trying to eat healthy, and trying to get the exercise in. It’s not always easy but a wise person has said that ‘nothing that is important is ever easy’. I’m here for you because I feel this is one of my many purposes – to help others through what I have learnt and what I am continuing to learn daily!” IGOR ZARIPOV

Video + Photo Credits: #thisisguavo Media / Igor Zaripov

Media Enquiries can be made by email via: [email protected]

You may also wish to check out the trailer for ‘Worlds Away 3D’ film – the incredible Hollywood collaboration with Cirque and Director James Cameron. Igor was hand-picked to play the leading role in the film – available for purchase via

Trailer courtesy of: Paramount Pictures

Interview with Igor with columnist Ron Kantowski at Las Vegas Review Journal: