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Bikini wearing Skiers turn it up in Sochi, Russia

By - April 11, 2016
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If you are in sunnier climates, prepare for these visuals to help cool you down… for those in the cold already, we can bet you may not be tempted to be outside in your bikini right?! Well hundreds of scantily-clad skiers took to the slopes in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia to try and break yet another of those quirky, wacky world records.

Dressed in bikinis and colourful costumes, it was was part of the first BoogelWoogel mountain carnival. Great name for a carnival we must say…


Slightly Warmer spring temperatures in comparison to how icy it can get in Sochi certainly helped take the nip out of the air slightly, and local media reported that 1,000 people took part.

This means it will have broken the current world record of 500 people skiing in bikinis, set previously in Sheregesh, also in Russia.


So would you be tempted to give this a go? TWEET US your reactions… and we welcome any pics or footage of you in your swimwear outside in the snow! (although, we certainly wouldn’t openly advocate that kind of extreme behaviour!!!)

It’s making us cold just thinking about it!!!