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‘Chilli Man’ of China eats upto 2 kilos of spice per day

By - November 17, 2015
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A 54-year-old man in central China has turned his passion for chillies into a profession.
Li ‘The Chilli Man’ Youngzhi eats dried chillies and fresh chillies. He eats chillies with his meals. He eats chillies on their own. And in the morning as he brushes his teeth, in his mouth; are chillies!

In fact, the 54-year old from central China says he just can’t imagine life without eating chillies:

“If I have no chillies or spicy food, then I won’t be happy. I can tell you, it’s like this — if I have no meat, I’m all right. If I have no eggs, if I have no meat, or vegetables, or anything at all, I’m fine!”


Once a construction worker, Li gave it all up when he discovered he could make money eating chillies. Now a professional, he appears on television shows, commercials and at chilli eating contests.

His daughter-in-law says:

“He simply loves to eat chillies so much! Its like some sort of snack, she said. He really, really genuinely likes to eat them!”


But is it healthy? His doctors say he appears to be just fine and seems to have developed his tolerance levels over time. 2 Kilos per day however has been advised as a little bit excessive.

No shit Sherlock!!!! We certainly wouldn’t advise doing the same for anyone else who may be tempted… and like with most things in life; MODERATION is advised at all times!!