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Could this be the Most ‘EAR-ie’ UK Auction Ever??

By - October 9, 2016
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A circus performer in the UK has had a bit of a bizarre ‘Vincent Van Gogh moment’ recently which resulted in him removing his earlobes. But if that wasn’t strange enough, it’s become a bit of a money maker too!

Mr Hannibal Hellmurto from the infamous Circus of Horrors group had stretched his earlobes to an astonishing 62mm as part of his wider body modifications which include tattoos, a forked tongue, floating ribs & Mammoth Ivory teeth! (ouch!!)

Hannibal Helmurto

Hannibal Helmurto

However as the skin got thinner around the earlobe he was worried that it would break, he tried superglue but that wore off after a while so his only course of action was to have them cut off & stitched back together.

But when someone suggested purchasing the detached lobes, he decided to pickle them in a jar and put them up for a unique kind of ‘Auction of Horrors!’

There are stranger things that exist on the internet so we wouldn’t be surprised if something like this may have been done before, but Hannibal believes this may be the first time for a piece of an earlobe to be sold in an auction. After all, why would anyone sell or buy a piece of someones ear like this? (A cannibal delicacy maybe??!!)

Hannibal Helmurto

Hannibal Helmurto

Hannibal told Newsivity:

“After I had the operation to remove my earlobes I ‘kept my ear to the ground’ in case an opportunity came up for someone to quite literally take a little piece of me home with them.”

Hannibal isn’t a stranger to the world of ‘bizarre’… the former German Tax Inspector left his native Germany to run away & join The Circus of Horrors, and on two occasions he has ended up splitting his Oesophagus during his odd act and has ended up in intensive care. The last time after attempting to swallow a lit neon tube, he turned his hand to Hypnotism but accidentally Hypnotised himself while practising in a mirror!

Hannibal Helmurto

Hannibal Helmurto

Hannibal who is a 41 year odd-ball commented:

“After the Hypnotist incident I decided to go back to Sword Swallowing, it just seemed so much safer!”

If you are still tempted to purchase the earlobe of Hannibal Hellmurto you can visit:

And if you still wish to see the group in action live, check them out at the Wookey Hole Caves before they return to London and around the UK during this winter. More info via: THEIR WEBSITE