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Smashing Coco-NUTS World Record ‘Cracked’ in India

By - December 24, 2017
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Abheesh Dominic

Check out the moments in the video below when one of India’s strongest men, Abheesh Dominic, smashed over a hundred coconuts with his bare hands to set a brand new, and quite literally ‘cracking’ World Records.

Abheesh Dominic smashed the record in his home city of Kottayam in Kerala, India and he recently had his record attempt officially verified by the world record authorities.

Abheesh Dominic

Abheesh Dominic

The previous record to beat was 118 coconuts, and Abheesh gave himself a target of 140 on the day of his attempt.

After having completed the record attempt, the judges counted a total of 122 coconuts actually fully cracked by his hands.

A large group of enthusiastic supporters gathered to cheer Mr Dominic on during his record attempt as he embarked on setting ‘coconut’ history in a region of India where they are popularly found growing on the palm trees and also a key ingredient in some local, staple dishes.

Abheesh Dominic

Abheesh Dominic

Newsivity asked Dominic about the unique record attempt and he told us:

“I decided to break this fun record because I am from a remote village and world records are a dream for any one of us here,” Mr Dominc said.

“This is just one of many of my abilities and I am here to show everyone that anything can be possible, if you put your mind and training to it,” he also said.

It was calculated that he managed a speed of smashing two coconuts per second, and we are glad it was just the coconuts that felt the wrath of the accomplished strongman and martial artists’ bare fists.

So the new record of 122 smashed coconuts under 1 minute, with bare hands stands .. the question is, are there any other contenders around the world who may be able to beat this in the near future?

Abheesh Dominic

Abheesh Dominic

For now, well done Abheesh Dominic … you inspired us in a very unique way and congrats on becoming an official new world record holder.

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Special thanks to: Abheesh Dominic