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Record-Breaking ‘King Of Coins’ counts his Millions in India

By - July 30, 2017
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Manish Dhameja from Lucknow in India is referred to as “The Millionaire of Coins” and it is all in relation to the incredible amount of coins he has been able to collect over the years.



It all started from a piggy bank full of coins which he got from his great grandfather, who was the first person in the Dhameja family to start the collection of rare and very unique coins.

“I was just a tiny tot when I saw my dad collecting coins in that piggy bank. Coins were something like a treasure for me. I was too young to understand the importance of that treasure that time but as I got older, it became my own inherited hobby and obsession,” Dhameja told Newsivity.

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Newsivity asked Manish about his unique collection, and here’s what he told us:

How did you first get interested in coins?

It was since my childhood age I remember when I was just 5 years old , My father had a piggy bank full of coins which he got from my great grandfather as he was the one who started collecting coins. I was just a tiny tot when I saw my dad collecting coins in that piggy bank. I got very keen to learn more about it. One day I got a chance when my father was not at home and I ran to the cupboard where my father used to keep that piggy bank and as it was made up of mud I broke it. The piggy bank was full of old coins etc. I was scared of getting in trouble so I kept it in the store room. After a few days we got an activity in school where we all asked to make something out of waste material. When I presented all those coins in my craft file and it was appreciated by my school teachers and friends, I won a “Best hobby award” during my school days and that was the beginning of my hobby and interest in coins.

What is it about them you find so interesting?

Coins were something like a treasure for me. I have read in book that collecting coins are hobbies of Kings. I find coins so interesting because coins are money and one of the most important sources of information from which archaeologists and historians can try to interpret the past. The value of old coins are increasing day by day. It is also because they are hard-wearing and survive in large numbers and for years and years. If we have paper money, and our house burns down, we loose everything…while if we have coins and our house burns down, we wont loose any money.

Why do you wish to make the museum in the USA/UK, and not in India or some other country?

I wish to make the museum in the USA/UK because USA/UK has the world’s highest visitor per resident ratio

USA/UK now recognise an overwhelming demand for commercial, residential and tourist accommodation, duly capitalising on their own developmental advantages, based on geographic location and tourism potential. USA/UK is one of the most developed economies on the planet, reflected in its GDP per capita, ranking 1st in the world. Infrastructure programmes are constantly underway maintain the quality of all USA/UK services to the highest of international levels.

So, I believe that USA/UK is the best place for me to fulfil my dream to open world first and largest 3-D Numismatic (coins) musuem.

Why not in India? Well, there are already few small coins museum in many cities of India and i am not getting any help and support from the Indian government.

What are the rarest coins among those you have amassed?

There are rarest coins in my collections. the details of some of them are :

a. Biggest coin daimeter of 5.4 cm from Republic of Palau.

b. Heavist coin of Akbar Empire

c. Mughal coins from 16-17 centuary

d. my collection include coins from all 193 UN nations, all islands, all overseas territories and region and 149 obsolete nations. (Total no. of different +countries is 501)

What is the most expensive?

The most expensive coin in my collection is a 16 century (1616) 100 grams gold coin of Sultanate empire times.



How did you feel when you won the world record?

Today I feel glad and proud about myself on receiving such renowned awards of achievements especially a world records title. Who knew that this hobby would bring me such great honors in my life that today I am named as “The Millionaire of Coins” and “King of coins”

Deep down in our heart I have a very strong belief that we all are born special. Each one of us has at least one unique quality or a skill which makes us different from rest of the world. We all are born with a purpose to contribute something unique to the world through our uniqueness, through our hidden potential and this is just one of mine.



How has the coin collection helped you and your family?

My Coin collection helped me and my family in getting an identity as the King of coins , The Millionaire of coins. Whenever people see my family in the market and city then they use to greet them and say see father and mother of King of coins are there. Everyday many students and neighbour are visiting to my house to see my coins collections. I have placed all unique coins in five albums consisting of 500 pages alomg with country name, capital, maps, flags and coin details. I have millions of followers and Fans on Facebook and other social sities and they always encourage me to fulfil my dreams further.

My family has always supported and encouraged me in collecting coins and without their blessing it is not possible to achieve my collection. I would hope that my children will one day continue the collection, or at least benefit from the value of it over time.

Special Thanks to: Manish Dhameja

e: [email protected]