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Erendira Wallenda Hangs from her Teeth over Niagara Falls in Canada

By - June 16, 2017
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Photo credit: AP

Erendira Vazquez Wallenda hung 300 feet over Niagara Falls by her teeth this week on the anniversary of her husband Nik’s daring walk over Niagara 5 years ago. Whilst most mere mortal couples would be happy to buy each other some flowers, maybe even a dinner for 2 near Niagara Falls would have been apt, but that’s just not in the Wallenda family genes!

Suspended by a tether from a helicopter over the south side of the Horseshoe Falls, Erendira held herself with only the power of her jaw. And amples of Girl Power to add!!

The dangerous stunt was preceded by a short trapeze routine and the entire stunt lasted less than 7 minutes. But what a 7 minutes feast on the eyes (and guts!!) it was!

Erendira is part of the “Flying Wallendas”, a famed family troupe of trapeze artists and circus performers making high-profile appearances all over the world.


5 years ago, on the very day Nik Wallenda walked on a wire over the Falls, and clearly 5 years later it seems none other than his wife Erendira has topped such an epic feat. Gives ‘keeping it in the family’ a whole new spin!!!

(It goes without saying, that what the Wallenda family do is a skill that they have spent years training for so please do not try to re-create this or any similar stunts without the necessary training and safety precautions in place.)