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Welcome to God’s Own ‘Neon’ Junkyard in London

By - June 14, 2017
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Gods Own Junkyard

It’s called ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ and there’s certainly a saintly glow about the place.

Chris Bracey was the original Neon Man for 37 years creating and collecting iconic art pieces for the hoy paloy of the social scenes from London to Los Angeles. Since the passing of Chris in 2014, his son Marcus Bracey has continued the legacy and runs the ‘multi-coloured’ showcase in Walthamstow in London, UK.


He told media:

“I used to go in after school, and started working with the neon, working with the glass and that is what really grabbed me and what got me involved in this.”

Marcus describes the family business as “a neon emporium”.

“It’s the colours. The vibrancy. It’s the gases we mix with the noble gases – the argon, the neon gas is actually burning the molten solders, glassed together, over huge burners,” Marcus added, when asked about what makes neon special for him.

Gods Own Junkyard

Some of the Bracey family’s neon works have featured in films including in ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ … many items have also been made for celebrity clientele such as model Kate Moss, singer Elton John and actor Jude Law to name just a few.

God’s Own Junkyard can be visited at: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, London, E17 9HQ.

And as the hip youngsters would say… “It’s well and truly Lit man!!”