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Alain ‘Spider-Man’ Robert Strikes again… this time in Barcelona, Spain

By - June 13, 2017
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He’s referred to by his fans worldwide as the real-life Spider-Man, but unlike the comic book hero, he doesn’t wear tights!

French urban climber Alain Robert has done it again, and this time in sunny Spain. This week he scaled a 29-story hotel in the wonderful city of Barcelona with his bare hands and all in just 20 minutes.

The above footage shows 54-year-old Robert, or “the French Spiderman,” climbing the 114 meters (374 feet) of the Melia Barcelona Sky Hotel without any safety harness or any other precautions. But that’s just all in a days work for the mighty Robert.




Check him out during his previous similarly death-defying climb in France

We are hoping to keep tabs on where he strikes next… most likely, anywhere with a taller building and where the Police won’t stop him from taking the risk. Dubai, watch out… although he has scaled the Burj, we have a feeling he may return!!!