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Sumiko Iwamuro… aka 82 Year Old ‘DJ Sumirock’ in Japan

By - April 26, 2017
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By day, 82-year-old Japanese woman Sumiko Iwamuro cooks Dumplings in her family restaurant, but at night she moonlights under the guise of her musical alter-ego, ‘DJ Sumirock’.

For more than 50 years, Iwamuro has run a dumpling restaurant with her husband but she had always been drawn to music, getting inspiration from her father who was a talented jazz drummer. But from the age of 19, she began working at the family restaurant, leaving her passion for music in the dust.

Fifty years later, when her husband passed away, Iwamuro decided to live her own dream and trained for a year at a local music school learned the ropes of spinning on the decks. After improving her skills for her son’s birthday party, she made the transition to entertain wider crowds, and took her talents to the clubs.

These days, DJ Sumirock can be found DJing at DecabarZ, a club in Tokyo.


The octogenarian certainly proves that you’re never too old to pick up a new hobby and now that she is a viral sensation, Sumirock is hoping to start touring with her new superstar DJ status sometime soon.


There really is no excuse not to be living YOUR dreams!!!