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At home with PRICASSO on Australia Day

By - January 26, 2015
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(Very mild yet cheeky nudity in the above video so not suitable for all, but nothing too shocking we promise!!!)

Meet one of the most unique painters out there… based just near to Brisbane in Australia, his name is Tim Patch, or ‘Pricasso’ as he is known worldwide which is a clever pun referring to the manner in which he creates his collection of art work. Pricasso uses his own ‘tools’ when creating in that he uses his own penis, and other private body parts as the brush with which to create on the canvas.


Newsivity / Pricasso

Now we must be careful in the language we use to describe the work of Pricasso. Firstly, the manner in which he creates may ‘come’ across as a little Ri-DICK-ulous (sorry about that one!!!) but the art created is actually rather good!


Newsivity / Pricasso

He told us that he started his unique style of creating art by chance just over 10 years ago:

“I was standing in my kitchen in the nude, and just picked up a canvas and thought this looks like it could be fun! I researched if anyone else was creating art with their body parts, and found that I was the first to create good work with the use of my crown jewels as the brush!”

He loves to create whilst initially clad in big pink cowboy hat and a bright pink thong to match, which of course is removed in order to begin his quite speedily nude paintings.


Newsivity / Pricasso

And whatever people think, he is certainly one of a kind and he has started a form of art no one else is yet to have mastered in the way he has done.

His family think he’s a little too much on the eccentric side, but then which artist isn’t right? He also showcases his rather unique house which he has built himself, and in every way he is a guy who lives life with a unique perspective and an almost child-like sense of fun and adventure. In addition to providing personalised portraits for all, he has also created some incredible celebrity masterpiece art which would look great in any gallery around the world.


Newsivity / Pricasso

In the quirky video above we are given a glimpse into the unique home of Pricasso where his ideas are all born, and his tool does the rest, quite literally! In the end of the video, he also speaks about his simple wish for the world which gives broader depth to his eccentric existence.

“I’m a simple guy who just likes to have fun, and I’m not doing any harm to anyone. In fact, it puts a smile on peoples faces and in a world where people take things such as politics, money and general life so seriously I’d like to think I’m making my own difference by making people happy!”
he told us.

All he wants is to create more work, share his love for art, be a little bit silly and not take life too seriously. We were surprised to hear that he is aged 65 (he has certainly retained his youth well!) and he also told us he is also currently looking for love!

So if you’d like a portrait made in the style of how Pricasso does, get in touch. He is certainly a sight for sore eyes whilst he is creating, but a true original in every sense of the word who certainly makes others smile, and that can’t be a bad thing in the state of the wider world currently!

And maybe he is also the right catch for the right lady out there! After all, he’s certainly taking feminism forward unknowingly as it may be about time the ladies got to peer at men in skimpy thongs too… it’s a small and quite fickle step, but maybe it could be classed as a mini leap for equal gender rights!!!

A very happy Australia Day from Pricasso, and from the wonderful world of Newsivity!!!

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