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Leandro Granato- The artist who creates art with his eyes in Argentina

By - October 3, 2013
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So when we were contacted about this publicity feature for one of the world’s most unique artists living and exhibiting his work in Latin America, we were intrigued. When he told us his story and mentioned he is doing what he does to raise money for charities in his home country as well as worldwide, that was the Guavo moment we took on board the mission to get him known worldwide… and boy has that happened this week! Forgive the pun when we say there is far more to this story than meets the eye!

Leandro Granato is a 27 year old artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who paints using only his eye as a paintbrush. First he puts the paint into his nose, next he forces the paint up through his eye and finally he squirts it onto a canvas.

“Ever since I was a kid I knew I had a special connection between my eye and my nose. As I grew up I started realizing air and liquids could go out of my eye if I put them through my nose.” says Leandro.

One of the early difficulties Leandro experienced when he discovered that he had this unique skill was developing special paint that is safe for him to use in this way. It took him two years to develop the -secret- formula that he uses and a few years ago Ripley’s certified him as the first person to paint using his eyes.

“Some people like my abilities, some don’t. Some say I’m crazy… my technique doesn’t hurt my body, I’m constantly being examined by expert doctors, and the formula I came up with is harmless.”

Leandro sells his paintings worldwide and has showcased both his creations and his technique in art galleries all around the world.

“My motivation to become an artist first came when my grandfather died because of cancer. After this loss, I started painting to overcome this pain. I find American painter Jackson Pollock as one of my inspirations, mainly because at first nobody understood him, and he was pointed out to be crazy.”

Leandro is currently planning a charity event to help children hospital -which deals with cancer in Argentina. He is also currently looking for more galleries and art dealers to help him spread the word about his art in the UK and across Europe and to help with fund-raising for charities internationally.

Check out the video of Leandro in action below:

Following our coverage with Leandro and the release of his profile worldwide, here is also the video produced with Reuters News Agency:

To get in touch with Leandro or all media enquiries- e: [email protected]

Photo Credit: Leandro Granato / #thisisguavo Media

Video Credits: Bluk Films / Reuters

First video Filmed in: Puerto Madero