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Victor and Gabriela Peralta in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By - February 14, 2014
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They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… but in the chaotic and rather unstable climates worldwide wherever love appears it really must be celebrated as much as possible, and wherever possible in our humble opinions!

In Buenos Aires, Argentina and in wider Latin American cultures as well as around the world in many regions, the art of using the body as a canvas has grown in popularity considerably over the years. Maybe it is the modern predicament of us all yearning to be recognised as the individuals that we are, each with our own unique biochemistries and DNA make-up; and so to be able to express this as part of ones outward identity is surely something we are all entitled to.

They say you only live once, and so if you wish to appear outwardly as unique as possible and you don’t feel the need to exist to the wider and very man-made conventions or rules for what constitutes as normal or conformist in modern life then there really is nothing wrong with this we say. If you express yourself without feeling the need to hurt anyone or anything else, and it also attracts the attention you may grow to like from all the many others who have conformed or are a little less liberated in their own lives… then so be it!

Victor and Gabriela Peralta are two such individuals that do not conform to conventions (although they do love parading at Tattoo conventions!) – based in Argentina, Victor is originally from Uraguay and his wife Gabriela (also known as Gaby) is Argentinian. They are known worldwide and across the body modification subcultures as officially the most modified married couple on Planet Earth.

credit: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credit: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credit: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credit: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

The very tribal-styled enhancements and modifications to date add up to over 77 modifications combined consisting of over 50 piercings, four microdermals, 11 body implants, five dental implants, four ear expanders, two ear bolts and one forked tongue. But this is merely the superficial side of their appearance.

This Valentines Day what Victor and Gaby do for us, and the rest of the world who stand on the sidelines to observe or judge, or even label… is show that it really doesn’t matter what people think, but they are a loving couple who have been together for quite some time now and they live a full, complete and often adventurous life, and so be it if it is ‘different’ to the rest of the masses who are happy to conform… or maybe too afraid to not.

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

Speaking to Victor from Buenos Aires this Valentines week he helped us learn a little more about the couple too, and he told us what they were planning for Valentines Day:

Who got the first tattoos/body art etc between you and your wife and when was this?

I got my very first tattoo at the age of 13 years and in some letters on my fingers it spelt the word “fuck”. I was young! Gabriela ‘s first tattoo was a red rose on her chest but she no longer has this as I have covered it with another design she wanted.

How long have you been together as a couple?

We have been together for 18 years now, and still in love!

How many tattoos / piercings do you have each?

I actually don’t even know how many tattoos we have but i’m almost 90 percent covered over my body and Gabriela is around 65 percent covered.

How much have you spent in money on tattoos / body art?

No amount of money required to spend as we are in the business… but maybe about 2,000 dollars from tattoos and modifications in our lives. We have many friends that we work with and trust we also have our own tattoo studio so design and modify for others. We are very good I must say!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this week?

This Valentine Day we will of course be together and will prepare dinner together! Gaby is my queen and so we always enjoy each others company, not just on Valentines! Ha!

Your ages and do you have any children etc?

Gabriela is 42 years old and i am 43 years old. We have a child of 22 years and his name is Axel Jannis and lives with his mother in montevideo in Uruguay. He also has several tattoos!

Any other quirky facts / figures about your body art?

Apart from our art, we are also involved in body suspension shows around the world and tattoo conventions. We perform at these events too with dancing and so on and there is a very big and fast growing community worldwide. I don’t know why this is growing, but we believe everyone should live their lives without harming others. Do what you love to do, and enjoy!

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

A VERY HAPPY VALENTINES TO EVERYONE WORLDWIDE FROM THE GUAVO TEAM, and of course from the incredible Victor and Gabriela Peralta in Argentina!

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

credits: Javier Pierini / Ethics Agents

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