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Cassie and Luther – A very ‘Wild’ Valentines in Florida, USA

By - February 11, 2014
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Valentines Love is truly in the air at ‘Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo‘ in Florida, USA.

ZooKeepers at Dade City’s Wild Things this week set up a romantic environment especially for Valentines week to include roses, table cloth and dishes filled with choice meats – “BONE-A-PETITE” if you like… for their beautiful pair of jaguars: ‘Cassie’ is the female spotted jaguar in the video above & ‘Luther’ is the gorgeous male black jaguar who have both been childhood sweethearts for over 10 years now and never left each others side!

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When their keepers laid out the romantic props this week, Luther was the first to check out what was going on and with his approval waited for Cassies thoughts. Cassie was a little harder to please as she had to move things around to make it her own but eventually both relaxed and enjoyed the romantic setting… perfectly apt for their very own ‘wild’ build-up towards Valentines Day!

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After a long evening of enjoyment, they relaxed the next day with some loving and kisses.

    EXTRA STATS ABOUT CASSIE & LUTHER and their home at Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo:

How does an ‘ecotourism’ zoo differ from a regular zoo?

In the US it represents aiding tourism with the agriculture and safe care of often endangered animals. It can also positively contribute towards conservation.

How many animals are at the zoo?

Over 250 plus.

How many species?

Cat species 9 including Tigers and Lions, and many other animals.

What is the size of Cassie and Luthor’s enclosure?

It’s never been actually measured, but it’s large and perfect for them to explore and live happily.

What do Cassie and Luthor typically eat?

Raw meats with bone and fish being favourites.

How old are Cassie and Luthor?

16-18 years

How big (weight and length) are the pair?

Est weights 200 lbs
Est length. 6 feet

What colour eyes do Cassie and Luthor have?

Golden brown

How long have they been at the zoo?

Around 10 years now.

Where were Cassie and Luthor born?

Zoo that closed down in Pennsylvania in USA and so they were re-homed to Dade City.

How long have Cassie and Luthor been a couple?

Over 10 years now, and still a loving couple!

Why do some jaguars have black coats while others are spotted?

Genetic recessive gene. Same that gives humans blue or brown eyes.


Did you know that Jaguar cats are on heat on a monthly basis and can be known to mate constantly for upto a week!

Blimey!! …Happy Valentines Day week from Cassie and Luther… And from all of us ‘loved-up’ humans in Guavo land too!

For more about Dade City’s Wild Things visit:

This Valentines week they are also offering for any human couples to dine-in and around the animals at the zoo so get in touch with them for enquiries if you are local to Florida this week, and they also provide a host of amazing encounters with some of their animals, including swimming with Tigers. (photo below)

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Special thanks to Kathy at Dade City’s Wild Things.

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