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Wim ‘the Ice Man’ Hof in Heerenveen, Netherlands: ‘The Ice Challenge’

By - February 4, 2013
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Recently, the man known to the world as Wim ‘The Ice Man’ Hof embarked on his latest incredible challenge… and we were there on site to support the well-loved daredevil who we have known for some time.

To complete a 1km barefoot walk in the Thialf Ice Stadium in Heerenveen, Netherlands was the mission. And this time he wasn’t doing it alone as he managed to convince a total of 360 plus other people to join him.

Wim is a real life super-human who advocates that we all have the human capabilities to be able to control our bodies to the extent that we can achieve great feats like the ones he is known for worldwide, and even increase the body’s own ability and strength to fight disease.

As well as the initiator Wim Hof, other well known figures in the Netherlands also took part, including singer Iris Kroes and iceskater Jan Ykema joining the walk.

´After the first round, I thought “I don’t know if I can make it”, says 27 year old Jinny Bollink from Joure who joined the walk with a group of friends. ´At first you feel a sharp pain in your smallest toe and than the other toes begin to be painful as well. But after one round I felt no pain anymore so the other rounds went fine´. 46-year old Norma Miedema from Ferwerd also didn’t have much trouble finishing the walk. ‘The first round was awful but after that I could walk another 10 kilometres’, she declares afterwards.

Not only adults joined the challenge. Among the participants there were a number of children who were tough enough to also join the race.

‘At the beginning I thought I couldn’t succeed because my feet were so cold´ says 13 year old Mila Kok. ´But then my feet started tinkling and after a while I didn’t feel the cold anymore. And now my feet are nice and warm´.

It’s Wim’s mission to announce and raise awareness about his ‘alternative’ scientific theories worldwide.

‘With autonomic nerve control, people are able to live healthier and avoid sicknesses’. Says Wim Hof.

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