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Zack ‘King’ Khan- UK’s best IFBB Pro-Bodybuilding talent

By - September 16, 2013
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When the press got in touch they were fixated on the angle: ‘UK’s 1st Muslim Pro-Bodybuilder’ - which is factually correct… but does it really matter what religion you practice when you achieve success? It’s like saying ‘First person with 6 fingers to run a marathon’ – but one thing it certainly does is enhances the focus on someone who deserves it and it acts as just one of many factors that sets Zack ‘King’ Khan apart from the rest.

Bodybuilding nowadays is accessible to everyone and everywhere and you’ll find both amateur and pro- trainers, experts, specialists and fans on every corner of the world and all over the internet. So what makes Zack from the northern town of Sheffield in the UK special?

Firstly, like a pro-bodybuilder would be expected to – he is dedicated to his chosen craft. He turned pro in 2009 and his training is scientific, it is focussed towards goals, and it is extremely intense!

Secondly Zack is defined and chiseled to levels that has made many wonder whether he has the pedigree and the drive to one day even be crowned Mr Olympia. Being the world’s first Muslim Mr Olympia would certainly grab the headlines for a US dominated corporate giant of a tournament – and if this week an Indian-American can become Miss America, then Zack can surely one day also become Mr Olympia we say!

Zack was British champion in 2009 and has been an IFBB Pro and sponsored by Nutrex ever since. There is an entertaining series of incredible blog videos and updates available to follow on the Nutrex website.

“I just started training at home after seeing guys like Arnold and Stallone whose physiques I admired and thought I like to look like that.” says Zack.

“When I started training at a local gym after a year people in the gym said you got a good physique and you should compete. I declined because I felt I didn’t want to compete. I was just doing it for myself. Then the owner of the gym said I am putting up a competition later in the year and I want you to compete. I decided to do it and I won 18 and under and also 21 and under. I enjoyed it so much I never looked back since then.”

Thirdly, Zack is one of the most entertaining bodybuilders out there… a sense of humor that has enhanced his profile further combined with training results that have earned him respect and adulation worldwide.

Not too long ago Zack also allowed his fans into his personal world whilst he was recovering from a major injury – during which he filmed regular video blogs and spoke very openly about the trials and tribulations of coming back strong from injury for any sports person or professional. Zack came back full recovered and competing from injuring both his knee-caps whilst squatting 700 lbs of weight… to come back from such a serious injury to once again be competition-ready is truly remarkable! It’s this mindset, accessibility and inner strength that has also won him an array of new fans online.

“Only I know what it took to come back from my knee injuries… something sports professionals the world-over can empathize with in terms of the struggles you go through personally to get through it all. But I’ve proven, that even more than my body, my mind is my most powerful muscle!”

So is there time for Zack to make it to Mr Olympia? Is there more to achieve for this juggernaut of a bodybuilder from the UK, and like most who reach the pinnacles of any sport or endeavor… what comes next?

For now, in addition to his trips attending fitness seminars around the world this year and also continuing his heavy training regime after coming back from a competition in Dallas last month… his first as an IFBB Pro at the 2013 Dallas Europa… you will also find Zack involved as part of the line-up of diverse talents via our work with the brand new SCREENii digital appfree-to-download on itunes, and currently piloting it’s quirky features with the ongoing X Factor UK series on ITV1 every weekend. Zack tells us he has a lot to say about it… and we are looking forward to his commentary on Sunday night during the show.

And on a separate note… don’t be fooled by the menacing aesthetics of Zack. He has such a great sense of humor and is one of the friendliest guys you would meet. A truly proud modern British Bulldog representing the UK wherever he is in the world… we salute you Zack + give you the #Guavo seal of approval!

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VIDEO CREDIT: Muscular Development Magazine

PHOTO CREDITS: Zack Khan / Nutrex