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Santa Claus (Kevin Fast) in Canada – World’s Heaviest Sleigh pull for charity

By - November 21, 2013
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This week internationally renowned strongman from Canada – Kevin Fast, appeared in Cobourg, Canada dressed in the full attire as Santa Claus. He has made history yet again by pulling the world’s heaviest sleigh ever completed by a Santa.

Kevin, also known as “the power-lifting Pastor” already holds multiple records for his incredible feats of strength that include ‘Heaviest Aircraft Pulled by a man’ and ‘Heaviest Vehicle pulled over 100 ft (male)’.

This time, in front of hundreds of students from the local St Mary Catholic Secondary School, and cheered on from Mrs Santa Clause too (his wife Suzanne) as well as two (not so!) ‘little’ Elves – ie: his sons Jacob and Matthew. Santa pulled the heaviest sleigh along with a trailer and cab along Queen St in Cobourg at a grand weight of 19,950 kilograms, and at a distance of over 30 metres.

Kevin, dressed as Santa said:

“I had perfect conditions. It was a perfect pull for Santa! Lifting bags of toys is not easy and it keeps me in pretty good shape too!”

But this was not just a display of strength, but also of charity during the season of good will to all. The stunt was also raising money for the Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank and thats what makes it Guavo for us.

Local people brought non-perishable food donations for the bank to put further weight onto the sleigh.

“The more food donated the better we thought as it helps the cause whilst also adding on the weight to the sleigh!” said Ray Hefferman, a teacher at St Mary School.

St Mary’s students also helped to collect the food donations in the days leading up to the big pull and a number of businesses assisted with sponsorship and support including Rutherflo, MJ Express and Scotiabank.

“It’s a way for us all as a community to conclude our fall sports seqason, and it also gives us a chance to kick off our Advent activities in preparation for Christmas this year – it all just tied in at the right time!” Hefferman said.

The donations were over 1000 pounds in weight of food for the Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank.

We wish Kevin and his family and everyone involved in this great event a great Christmas season… and everyone reading these words right now too! Tis certainly the season to be jolly… and to give to others just like Kevin has done here!


Special thanks to Pete Fisher based in Canada.

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