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Lee Musselwhite – the UK BMX ‘stunts’ maverick with plentiful tricks

By - February 5, 2014
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Lee Musselwhite is a UK based urban sports maverick who is showcasing many original tricks as part of his repertoire, inventing news ones regularly. A professional BMX Flatland rider, current 2x UK Flatland Champion & a world record holder who competes and performs shows at the highest level all over the world is being tipped as the next big star of this globally spread youth sports scene.

As part of our commitment to support UK talents who can transfer across the global arena, we strongly believe Lee has what it takes to be mentioned in the same league as the likes of the the more well-known international profiles such as Mattias Dandois (France), Terry Adams (USA), Yohei Uchino (Japan) and many others who are globally associated with the urban sports and flatland rider markets. Brands such as Red Bull invest a great deal of resources with urban athletes and know these guys attract a huge international youth audience.

The Paignton, UK based BMX star now believes he may have also set another unique world record after staging an attempt based on one of his latest trick… The trick is a one-wheeled ‘limbless’ manoeuvre where neither hands nor feet touch the bike. He took part in the latest official attempt at Parkfield centre in Torqay late last week, having had an application approved at the end of last year.

He already holds one world record, breaking the record for the number of no-handed spins in a trick called ‘The Death Truck’ in 2012 and he is gaining a reputation for coming up with countless amounts of new tricks and stunts on 2 wheels.

“This latest world record attempt went well on the day, aside from the usual challenges involved when you try and do something different… the final outcome was that I got 11.89m without any arms involved – which is just shy of 12m and that’s not bad.” he said.

“When I practice it I do it in circles, but part of the trick is that you have to get back on the bike and come to a controlled stop.

“By the time I got to 11.9m I was slowing down so it made it quite difficult.

“I think I could better with a bit more training, but I was extremely happy with that distance and it makes it more difficult for anyone else to break it,” he said.

Lee is renowned for dedicating his years of riding to pushing boundaries, inventing countless signature moves and building his own unique style. He is regarded by many as one of the most creative and original riders out there on the worldwide circuit… representing the UK wherever he goes.

Here is a quick additional Q & A with Lee:

How old are you?


What inspired the world record attempts?

Mainly inspired by the challenge and its really nice to get recognised globally for your accomplishments by Guinness World records.

Where are you based?

Torquay, Devon, UK
Plans for the future?

Yeah so many, New tricks to invent, more records to set, tons of shows!
Your family and friends responses to your talent + world record attempts?
They are amazing and supportive but think I’m a bit nuts too haha, most  of my friends say they feel inspired by the fact that I turned my passion in to a career and its how I make a living.

What world records do you hold at present + any more you wish to do in future?

The record I hold is: The Most Deathtruck (No handed spins)in one minute. I did 44 spins to beat the previous record of 32. and now I will have this new record too of course!

A couple of fave personal quotes? 

“You don’t get good just thinking about it”  & “Focus,Practice,succeed”

Who are your heroes from the bike / stunts world? 

I don’t really have heroes as such, I was always taught NOT to idolise or follow anyone else. so I kind of set my own agenda and try to inspire myself to achieve goals. But anyone who is doing there own thing and pushing there own limits!

Another short clip of Lee in practice mode:


PHOTO CREDITS: Inspire Shows Ltd. / Jason College / Callum Earnshaw