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Zhora the Football Juggler from Moscow State Circus

By - May 7, 2014
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Guavo Media

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With the build-up to the Football World Cup in Brazil about to commence, what better way to ‘KICK-OFF’ (pun intended!) the excitement with a unique ‘world’s 1st’ display of footballing trickery. 

Guavo Media

Guavo Media

There have been many different world records relating to ‘Keepie Uppie’ or ‘Keep Up’s’, ranging from keeping a football in the air using only the feet or the head whilst walking great lengths, walking up a ladder & even lying on their back!!!!

Very few however could be as amazing and unique as Zhora (27) the unbelievable football juggler from The Moscow State Circus who on the afternoon of 7th May 2014 attemped to break his own record and Balance on a giant football whilst juggling 3 footballs with his hands… AND if that’s not spectacular enough, to then attempt to ‘keep up’ a further football by flicking it from foot to foot.

Guavo Media

Guavo Media

Director at the Circus Paul Archer commented: 

“He first created this new record in London a while ago and flicked the ball from foot to foot 36 times whilst juggling 3 balls in his hands & balancing on the giant ball’. To break his own record he had to try & flick the balls from foot to foot for 38 times or more and still juggle 3 others & not fall off the huge rolling ball.”

Zhora achieved 38 as you can see in the video footage above and so has set a brand new world’s first once again.

And in the loving battle of the sexes, whilst doing so, he has also unknowingly represented all the males in the world by proving a man in fact can multi-task with great practice, dedication and training! (listen up partners of the men who complain their guy just can’t be trained!)

After his latest achievement, Zhora told us:

“I am very proud to be in the UK as part of the Moscow State Circus. Back home in Russia circus is regarded as a high art form and to represent my country in Great Britain makes me feel very proud and honoured!”

About his training he said:

“I have trained for the last 12 months to create this record and I set it at 36 previously, and have achieved my goal of bettering this now. It took 3 attempts today before I bettered it and I’m happy because what I do is unique!”

Zhora has been awarded many medals of achievement over the years from the circus bodies in Russia.

Regarding The Moscow State Circus UK Tour:

The Moscow State Circus currently returns to the UK with its latest & greatest production to date, set in the mystical centre of Moscow’s cultural & artistic quarter ‘PARK GORKOGO’ (Gorky Park) it is the perfect seasonal back drop for what is undoubtedly one of the greatest & most famous traditional circuses on earth.

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