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Plus-Size Fashion Academy opens in Moscow, Russia

By - November 25, 2015
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di larina

The Plus Size Fashion academy has opened its doors in Moscow.

Its founder, who is also a successful plus-size model, says she is dedicating herself to promoting fuller figured women in the industry.

Dilyara Larina, founder of plus-size academy says:

“There are just standard thin fashion schools but they have an absolutely different criteria, they work with thin models. So we are preparing the girls for the modelling business specifically as non-standard models. These girls want to be a part of the fashion world regardless of their size.”

Di Larina

The school also offers professional training for bloggers and talent scouts in the plus-size field. Larina says she wants to to help build a strong community for her models. Academy student Polina says she wants to change perceptions of pluz-size women.

Polina, plus-size model student said:

“Ultimately it is because I am tired of stereotypes. My girlfriends who constantly talk about diets, that everybody should be thin, they are constantly sticking their noses into my private life, asking ‘why won’t you lose some weight ‘ and so on. In fact I really want to inspire my friends, just people around me to the fact that a full figured woman can be beautiful.”


The courses provided by the academy cover a range of topics and provide opportunities for young women to take to the catwalk. Five students have so far enrolled. Founder Larina says classes will remain small to in order to give students the best chance to become an industry standard and not an exception to the rule.