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Introducing Kid Prime Minister in UK

By - July 30, 2015
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Guavo Media

Meet Kid Prime Minister based in UK.

Guavo Media

Guavo Media

Every week Kid Prime Minister will be putting the world right according to what his 2 year old, curious mind feels about all that is going wrong everywhere. He, alongside his PM dog Simba, and his little pre-school pals think Adults are being silly around the world and they are taking small-step action to fix up all the mess.

Guavo Media / #Newsivity

Guavo Media / #Newsivity

In the 1st pilot episode for our ongoing online series; Kid PM talks CLIMATE CHANGE.

“Climate Change is Real Man!!!” he says.

Kid PM remains true to his heroes by acknowledging his number 1 Hero in the world (after his own Mum + Dad of course!) – The Kid President in USA.

He also gives mention to some other of his present day heroes, and he is currently reading the words of Gandhi for inspiration from yesteryear.

In Episode 2 Kid PM talks GLOBAL RACISM:

In Episode 3 Kid PM talks ANIMAL RIGHTS:

In Episode 4 Kid PM takes some time-out:

In Episode 5 Kid PM talks GLOBAL CONFLICTS:

In Episode 6 Kid PM talks BEING HAPPY:

In Episode 7 Kid PM discussed the current REFUGEES CRISIS in Europe… something the world has been watching and feeling quite helpless around:

In Episode 8 Kid PM discussed WORLD PEACE DAY… asking grown-ups to ‘Stop taking the PEACE!':

Kid PM Interview by Jeremy Paxman in UK:

Kid PM talks to all the Grown-Ups of the world:

Kid PM: The Truths:

Kid PM on the EU Referendum in UK:

Kid PM Graduation Day:

He’s a one kid army when it comes to power. As long as he has a stash of nappies and a bottle of milk to keep him going… and plenty of Biscuits!

Guavo Media / #Newsivity

Guavo Media / #Newsivity

Twitter Updates via: @KidPMinister
and on Instagram via @KidPMinister

e: [email protected]