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Kid Prime Minister in UK speaks to all the Grown-Ups of the World

By - November 4, 2015
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Newsivity / Guavo Media

‘Kid Prime Minister’ is a pilot online web series that has already reached it’s 9th episode and with an overwhelming organic response across social media as well as a little bit of local press coverage already in USA; all is going in the direction for Kid PM to continue being the change he wishes to see in the world, as well as make his own difference despite being only 3 years old.

Vin Sharma / Newsivity

Vin Sharma / Newsivity

Over the last month he has been gathering his thoughts during his daily observations and he has come up with much advice for all the grown-ups around the world. He is not happy about the things he has been seeing and hearing recently and so in his latest video he gets a little more serious than previously in order to offer some personal wisdoms for all who may benefit.

“I’m Gonna Change The World!” is one of his many favourite quotes during the pilot series so far.

Kid PM speaks his truth from the perspective of a kid, and he speaks more sense than any other politician in the world; maybe apart from his hero ‘Kid President’ in USA.

His pet and best friend who is also the official dog of Kid PM is Simba; a 3 month old Newfoundland puppy who is growing fast and whop will feature in all ongoing videos.

Vin Sharma / Newsivity

Vin Sharma / Newsivity

Vin Sharma

Vin Sharma / Newsivity

Check out the previous eight doses of the Kid PM videos VIA HERE and watch this space for updates very soon.

For now, be sure to Follow his daily journey online and across social media via:

TWITTER: @kidpminister
INSTAGRAM: @kidpminister
FACEBOOK: Kid Prime Minister

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Kid PM is a creative online series that came about during school summer holidays to entertain 2 siblings. He is the son of @vinsharma from Team Newsivity / Guavo Media.

Email contact via: [email protected]

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