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Female U.S. Daredevil crosses ancient Jerusalem towers on slackline

By - May 5, 2016
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Heather Larsen, one of the top female highliners in the world, slacklined over the ruins of Jerusalem’s Tower of David this week.

Ms Larsen walked across a 35 metre span and then a 20 metre line inside the courtyard of the ancient museum of Jerusalem’s Tower of David.


The last event held in Jerusalem’s Old City was in 1987.

Heather Larsen performs a split while walking the slackfline or highline across two towers in the Tower of David citadel complex.


Despite a few minor wobbles, Ms Larsen completed the line with expert ease and even took time to perform a few stunts for the crowds watching below. Quite the elaborate and incredible stunt we are sure you will agree, and that’s what you call GIRL POWER!!