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Virtual Sexology from USA is here to Educate viewers

By - August 3, 2016
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News industries are only just jumping onto the bandwagon of VR and utilising the manner in which immersive content can enhance audience engagement, however, the porn industry is one which seems to have always grasped new tech developments early, this time utilising the scope of user involvement with VR tech.

Now, beyond just enhancing engagement factors for the masses of viewers, there are also benefits to be found with the availability of a new content initiative launched by leading VR Porn service ‘BaDoink’ called ‘Virtual Sexology‘. The aim being: to broaden erotic entertainment just that little bit further.

Porn stars who are usually familiar with being cast primarily for titilation purposes will now also have the chance to use their skills and expertise for teaching their audience too.



BaDoinkVR’s Virtual Sexology features porn star August Ames is one of the many young starlets who will guide users through a series of exercises – including breathing techniques, Kegel exercises, and the start/stop method. Clearly the initiative is primarily targeting men only, and so we asked BaDoink CEO Todd Glider if there were any plans for delivering sex education content for women:

“Virtual Sexology is a sex therapy and education initiative for all adults.” he said.

“Segments in this first installment focus on Kegel and breathing exercises, and numerous techniques that will enhance lovemaking for both men and women.” he added.

Utilizing VR technology and, (what really sounds like something that should be found in the boudoir of Captain Spock!) – ‘teledildonic connectivity’, which is a cutting edge VR experience featuring never-before-used technology for sex education and therapy. It is said to enhance sexual pleasure and performance— both solo and with partners.



Users will learn unique, proven methods to improve their abilities in the bedroom while instilling relaxation, control, and confidence.

“With Virtual Sexology, we’re moving the needle, bringing edutainment to porn, bridging the gap between eroticism and education,” says Todd Glider, CEO of BaDoinkVR.

“Porn is not supposed to be educational, Porn is entertainment. So we thought, enlisting the knowledge and background of a sex therapist, we could bring something interesting to the table.” he added.

When strategising the themes of the content, and in order to be accurate when it comes (no pun intended!) to the science side, BaDoinkVR worked closely with Beverly Hills based Marriage and Family Therapist Hernando Chaves, MFT, DHS, to develop the content themes and the variety of exercises that are featured in Virtual Sexology.

Chaves is a human sexuality professor and sex columnist and his work with sex therapy clients has focused on anxiety reduction, mindfulness, challenging sexual discomfort, sensate focus exercises, and pleasure education using insight-oriented psychotherapy methods.

“People have always looked to pornography to get ideas about different ways to experience pleasure,” says Hernando Chaves.

“Including education within porn can help individuals and couples combine pleasure with skills training and confidence building to enhance their sexual and relational experiences.”

Asking whether some kind of market research may have been conducted to discover it there was a demand for developing more informative themes to their output. CEO at Badoink, Glider explains:

“We want to make you a better, more attentive lover. Assuming it takes off, we’ll address premature ejaculation, impotence, and fear of intimacy for both men and women.”

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And the future of VR Porn, for anyone who may be keeping tabs:

“Expect more VR experiences targeting women. Expect videos to get more interactive, more engaging, more immersive and expect more PRESENCE, This is only the beginning.” Glider said.

So be it virtual or not, becoming a better lover is a reality everyone can now acquire… so no more excuses!!

Article written for SPUTNIK NEWS
by @vinsharma

Thanks to Leslie at Vibrate Communications.