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DJ Matt Howes in UK: 1 DJ, 1 Arm, 4 Decks… Limitless Talent

By - May 5, 2014
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Guavo Media

DJ Matt Howes (UK) is a Pro-DJ and what he can do with 2 Pioneer decks keeps the people on the dance-floors happy worldwide… and over the years he has had the opportunity to play at some of the best nightclubs around the globe. In late 2013 he had viral press coverage across UK, wider Europe, parts of Asia, USA, the Middle East and Australia.

Matt is always keen on proving to his audiences and the world as a whole that he is all about ABILITY and he does not like what the term (DIS) ability insinuates to anyone… and as can be seen in his latest video release above which is also supported by the Pioneer UK brand… what he can do with one arm and 4 DJ decks is Incredible and better than anyone else.

Guavo Media

Guavo Media

Ask any professional DJ and they will explain how much skill it takes to be able to use more than the general 2 deck set-up and that’s just for 2 armed DJ’s… what Matt hopes to put across in his latest video is that he can be matched with anyone else and let his skill and talent speak volumes:

“It’s great that people love what I do when I am entertaining the crowds as the one-armed DJ, but that’s a label that has been attached to me after my accident. I’m doing this for my love of music and for anyone out there who feels something is impossible or unreachable. If what I can do inspires even just one person then I’m real happy!”

Matt Howes

Matt Howes

Matt’s latest video display shows him mixing on 4 DJ decks and it was only after filming the showcase that it also became known that this has never been done by anyone else before… ie: using just one arm to mix with 4 decks… so an unofficial ‘worlds first’ has been set unintentionally:

“I’ve been able to mix on over 4 decks even for quite some time, and yes it did take lots of practice to be able to use technique and unorthodox methods to seamlessly mix many tracks together. Doing it with two arms is difficult, so with one arm it is even more of a challenge. It was only after watching back my video I started researching if anyone else has tried this, and I couldn’t find anything… it’s definitely a worlds first!”

Guavo Media

Guavo Media

In addition to DJ’ing around the world as a pro DJ, Matt has also been working on his own music production this year with his debut single release being planned currently.

But Matt has many other personal ambitions in addition to his own music releasing:

“I’ve been lucky enough to perform around the world, and it’s always been a dream to perform a DJ set at the next Paralympics ceremony. Like me, individually the athletes inspire others to not give up or use excuses not to do something you love in life so I’d love to do something here. And you can be sure to see me popping up in all sorts of places, including some possible TV projects in the pipeline soon too!”

Matt Howes

Matt Howes

Special thanks to Mo (Guavo Media) and Dave at Wonderland Nightclub in Norwich.

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