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DJ Matt Howes in UK: One of the World’s only ‘One-Armed’ Pro-DJ’s

By - September 25, 2013
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* EDITORIAL NOTE: In the above video the Limbless-Association charity may have been incorrectly interpreted as ‘the only’ charity working in their remit, however they are one of many charities providing information and support to UK amputees and the limb-loss community. Matt is also ‘one of’ the charities ambassadors as opposed solely being involved.

25-year-old DJ Matt Howes was having the summer of his life, laying down beats on dance floors in some of the world’s biggest clubbing resorts – Tenerife, Ibiza, Serbia, UK… Crete.

But the party mood turned to one of horror, as a crash on his moped while travelling across the famous party destination of Crete that meant instead of soaking up the sun, doctors were instead battling to save his life.

“I was told it was touch and go at one point – apparently if I’d have got to hospital two minutes later I’d have been dead,” said the 25-year-old Norwich DJ, as he recalled his horrific accident in July 2011.

As a result of the accident, Matt battled and survived but his arm had to be amputated as part of the surgery. Many would have expected his career as a pro-DJ to come to an end as a result of this – but instead of letting this stop him; it became the catalyst for even more motivation and ambition than ever before.

Matt has since 2011 held residencies all over the world in addition to also recently making a brave return to Crete – the destination of his accident. In 2013 he is due for a DJ tour in South Africa and Mauritius in addition to plans in his home country of UK.

Rather than have his disability hold him back, the passionate pro-DJ has seen his popularity go from strength-to-strength, recently grabbing a tour slot with British rapper Devlin and having a number of offers to perform in the UK and abroad. Everyone he meets is left inspired and in awe of his charismatic style and strength of character… and most of all his Incredible technical skills on the decks! Beyond anything else, it is his talent that speaks volumes and gives him the kudos he so deserves.

This year he also took over the radio airwaves on Semtex’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show as part of the station’s Xtra Talent showcase.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. I use a lot of equipment now that helps me,” said Matt.

“There’s a guy who built me a foot pedal so I could scratch again. It is hard using one arm, but now it’s the norm to me – I haven’t got a choice.”

When Matt speaks, he speaks from the heart very frankly and openly. His honesty transfers to every person he interacts with, and we at #thisisguavo truly believe he is someone who can continue inspiring, motivating and connecting audiences worldwide through his music, passion and natural charisma. Well-known names from the world of music and TV have also gravitated towards him, all touched by his positive spirit and great personality.

“It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I have one arm and I’ve just adapted… but in a strange way I now feel that this was all meant to be the way it was. I think coming as close to death as I did makes me want to truly live my life to the fullest, and promote to others to do exactly the same without taking anything for granted!” says Matt in his own words.

When asked if DJ’ing in front of thousands of people makes him scared or anxious in any way Matt says:

“There is absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be than in front of an audience sharing what makes me feel more alive than anything else – GOOD MUSIC! Oh, and did I mention that I also want to be on TV?!”

We have no doubt that DJ Matt Howes will achieve whatever he sets his mind on… follow the journey with Matt on Twitter via: @djmatthowes

Matt is also about to be unveiled as ambassador for the great work of UK charity ‘The Limbless-Association’ who provide information and support to UK amputees and the limb-loss community. We are planning an array of fundraising activity and appearances with Matt throughout 2013 and 2014 with the charity.

VIDEO / PHOTO CREDIT: #thisisguavo Media / Matt Howes

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