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Jordy Geller and his million-dollar Nike ‘SHOE-ZEUM’ in USA

By - September 17, 2013
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Shoe fanatic Jordy Geller, 36, has put his incredible collection of 2,500 plus Nike trainers onto eBay and hopes to raise $1 million. Having refused several outright offers below the million-dollar valuation, his ebay sale is officially the largest sale of it’s kind online.

Geller from Los Angeles in the USA, has been showcasing his collection in an open warehouse he aptly named ‘the ShoeZeum’ and now finally after 14 years of collecting he has decided to cash in. He has the largest collection of Nike trainers in the world and has even had the executives from the Nike head office fly out to view the impressive amount of even rare pairs of Nike shoes he has accumulated. His collection showcases a perfect real-life timeline of Nike releases from since the beginnings all the way to the present day including themed pairs, one-off limited editions as well as the iconic ‘Air Jordans’ as endorsed by basketball legend Michael Jordan.

“My love of sneakers comes from my dad,” Geller said. “He used to run marathons when I was younger and would take me to sneaker shops and teach me all about the Nikes. Also, my name is Jordan Michael, so maybe it was written in the stars for me to love sneakers!”

But despite putting his collection being up for auction, Geller is unlikely to switch brands anytime soon!

“Nike has always been the brand for me,” he said. “I can’t think of a reason that I would ever wear a pair of Adidas unless I was forced to choose between Adidas and Reebok.”

When asked how he felt about selling his beloved collection, Jordy said he will be holding on to a few pairs for himself as a reminder.

“I have a few pairs of sneakers that I’m going to hold on to, for sentimental reasons. I have a pair of Steve Prefontaine track spikes and a pair of Game-Worn Air Jordan 1’s that I’ll be holding on to for sure!”

All of the eBay listings are open to international buyers.

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You can also view a more detailed tour of the million-dollar collection as Jordy takes us on a journey through the decades of Nike trainers and his incredible Shoe-Zeum: