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Largest gathering of people dressed as Batman in Canada

By - September 21, 2014
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“Holy Batman costumes… erm, Batman!”

Quite the sight for your eyes when you see a swarm of Batman costumes all gathered in one location!

More than 500 employees dressed in full Batman guise (with a few of his villains also spotted in the mix!) and gathered outside the headquarters of oil and gas company, Nexen, to raise money for charity and break a world record in the process.

credit: Nexen

credit: Nexen

The minimum requirement to set the new record was 250 Batman costume-wearing participants.

On the day, 542 Batman clad people officially set the World Record for the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Batman.”

The costumes first had to be inspected by an official present on the day who, then authenticated the Nexen Batman clad employees as standing in the same place for five minutes, before pronouncing the group the official world record holders.

credit: Nexen

credit: Nexen

Quite the unusual match many would assume.. a giant energy group & super heroes?! But the world-record gathering was part of the energy group supporting the United Way campaign and their superhero-themed 2014 fundraising campaign.

“When we know we’re united to do good, we have the power to make a difference,” said Karen Young, vice-president and chief operating officer of the United Way of the Calgary area.

Nexen energy group has been a major supporter of the United Way campaign Young said, raising more than $17 million over the past 20 years during its annual campaigns. The theme of the campaign is also aptly referred to as “From Suits to Superheroes” – and we like that a lot!

It’s certainly a SUPER thing to hear about! But it did leave us with a question… what was the relevance of the YMCA rendition?

Answers on a postcard if that made any sense! Or just TWEET US!

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