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Most Tandem Skydive jumps in 24 hours achieved in UK

By - July 1, 2014
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Skydive UK Ltd. has just achieved the most amount of Tandem skydives at a single venue within a period of 24 hours. And as we love all things adventure and adrenalin it certainly grabbed our attention!

The team and organisers strategically chose the longest day of the year which was 21st of June to hold the attempt and it proved to be a smart move. Jumping solidly for 16 hours and 10 minutes in total, they achieved 281 tandem descents, and confidently smashing the previous official World Record, which was 251, held in Germany. They set off early in the morning with conditions perfect for jumping, and didn’t stop until the brink of sunset on the same day.

“This was an incredible experience and it only proves how much we can do as a team,” said Jason Farrant, managing director at Skydive UK. “We are the biggest skydiving school in South England, and we are happy this has put us on the map of the world”.

Most people who skydived this day raised lots of money for charities of their choice.

“Not only this was the experience of their lives, a lot of good has come out of it.” said Linda Bulpin, charity coordinator for Skydive UK Ld.

The age of skydivers ranged from 16 to 87 and some of them have lived very close to the skydiving school in Devon, Honiton for the most of their life. Lots of daredevils travelled from London, Scotland and even flew in from the Isle of White.

“Unfortunately a lot of people who had booked in, did not turn up at the event and did not advise us of this. This made our nerves tickle a bit as we were unsure of the total number at one point,” said Ms Bulpin.

“Luckily the atmosphere was so fantastic! Lots of friends and families, who originally came in just to watch the event, decided they would like to have a go at it and booked in there and then. So we confidently beat the record and it all happened the best it could have.”

Daniel Hutchings (50) from Surrey liked it so much, that between 7am in the morning and 11am, he had done 3 tandem skydives himself and all of them counted towards the world record figure achieved.

He had never jumped before and all he said now is: “I only wish I would have found out about this sport earlier in my life”.
Now he would like to become one of the qualified skydivers and is hoping to get his skydiving licence in near future.

Holly Thresher who was one of the participants jumping for her chosen charity on the day had a great experience. The oldest lady jumping on the day was 87 years old and one of many first time jumpers who was also included in the final count from the day.

Skydive UK is the largest skydiving school in Devon with 3 full time fastest jump planes in the world. Every year around 3000 people do their tandem skydive here. At least 200 learn to skydive solo and become a part of this very unique sport. They do approximately 25 000 sports descents a year.

Visit: for more info and we’d highly recommend them for any jumps planned in the UK.

For media enquiries about the achievement email: [email protected]

Special thanks to Aija Stikane and Holly Thresher for their assistance.

Credits: SkyDive UK Ltd