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Meet Melissa – The world’s most ‘real-life’ Mermaid in Florida, USA

By - March 31, 2013
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Melissa can be considered as the closest in the world to being a real-life Mermaid… an inspiration too as she lives out the childhood dreams of many by making fantasy a reality. With an incredible 4-5 minute breath-hold ability, and hands on experience working with killer whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and performing in aquariums worldwide.

As a professional aquatic stunt model, Melissa is heavily involved in the entertainment field and she credits 8 years as a pro free diver at Sea World Orlando and her experience branching out in various high profile roles performing for crowds as big as 8,000 and bringing wider involvements in public speaking with a strong determination to strive for something bigger to help the world’s oceans.

Melissa has been seen as a mermaid on MTV, Japan Live TV, music videos, as an animal ambassador, PSA commercials, has released a mermaids children’s book, is a monthly columnist for Mermaid Magazine, and she always makes a huge splash in the press where ever she is seen making live appearances!

Melissa hopes that combined with entertainment she can also spread vital education with her message:

“Let’s help save our oceans before all creatures become Mythical.”she promotes.

Melissa affiliates with many charity projects and most recently has worked with Florida Fish and wildlife services as a mermaid mascot often appearing in the springs for a mermaid sighting… and here is a great video example of one orchestrated Mermaid sighting which has the desired effect of invoking a natural reaction of wonder and amazement, in particularly from young kids.

Watch this carefully orchestrated ‘Mermaid Sighting’ video below that was released by us for April Fools Day across social media this week… at one point we even had an international media group fooled – but we had to confess before it went to press to save any embarrassments!

In 2013 Melissa will be involved in lots of interesting projects in the US and also abroad, including appearing in a surprise episode on National Geographic TV – season 2 for a show called ‘Fish Tank Kings’ airing very soon.

She is also available ongoing for worldwide live shows and speaker bookings and she is all set for a full live tour across the USA regions in September 2013.

ENQUIRIES VIA EMAIL: [email protected]

And here below is a great story narrative video with Melissa conveying a positive and quite the GUAVO underlying message for all – Enjoy!

MULTIMEDIA CREDIT: Mermaid Melissa / Courtesy of #thisisguavo Media