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Custom Dog and Cat Haircuts in Taiwan

By - June 22, 2016
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Tyrone Siu


We’ve seen some great Hair Art on humans, but on Dogs and Cats?! The art of trimming furry animals into bizarre shapes including teddy bears, lions, Hello Kittys, and even dinosaurs is all the rage in Taiwan… and we think this could spread worldwide!

The man behind such wacky pet patterns is salon owner Ou Shih-jou, who said the idea came from people asking for something a bit different to a normal short back and sides.

Tyrone Siu

For a small pet the cost of a cut can be as little as £14, but much depends on the style and complexity of the task.
One of the most complex patterns is the teddy bear, which is a specialty for 30-year-old Taiwanese hairdresser turned pet groomer Lee Mei-chen. It takes her almost three hours of hard graft to finish, which can been seen in intriguing video footage of the process.

Lee, who has six-years experience in cutting animal fur, said designs are planned according to the natural assets of the pets.

She said:

“Because we don’t provide the service of dying fur into different colours, we try to find a style that matches the appearance of (the pet) and then come up with a design specific to him or her. Of course everyone thinks that Hello Kitty is white and that a lion is dark brown. We try to come up with designs based on that concept.”

On the particularly strange cat-stegosaurus design, salon owner Ou said:

“When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back erects, that made us come up with stegosaurus design!”

Tyrone Siu

The Taiwan based salon has been open since September and there has already been lots of interest.
Pet owner Kuo Yu-lan told reporters:

“I think their technique is great. I haven’t seen anything like this before, so I think they are really amazing. When walking (the pets) outside, people think it’s amazing and magical. Everyone wants to take a photograph and see what kind of styles they came up with. First people thought there was something on their bodies so they came closer to see what it was, trying to identify the patterns.”

Tyrone Siu

So what do you think? Cool, or not so Cool… or do you think its not fair on the pet who has no choice.

Well we like it… so there!!!