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Giant Hookah Pipe unveiled in Iraq

By - July 8, 2016
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Hookah makers at a Baghdad factory are busy working on a special project — a huge hookah / Shisha-smoking bong they hope will create a world record.

Baghdad’s Taha factory is known for making the traditional Babylonian hookah.

The company also sells hookahs through authorized dealers in Netherlands, Lebanon, USA, Jordan and Sweden.

Its latest product is a large hookah, which comes with oriental decorations engraved by hand.

“We’ve manufactured the tallest Babylonian hookah in the world, which is made out of pure copper and has a handmade decoration, these decorations symbolize the Arab culture in particular,” said marketing manager Yassir Akram.


“The height of this hookah is 3.5 meters, and weighing 50 kg. It’s working normally. We are now trying to get it registered as an official world record!” Akram added.

This giant hookah can be used to smoke just like its smaller version.

But cleaning it and changing the coal requires the use of a ladder to reach its top.The instrument has been installed at a local cafe owned by the company.


Customers at the cafe raved about the giant hookah, saying it was not only beautifully crafted, but also smooth to smoke.

Quite the work of art as you can see, and certainly a masterful bit of craftsmanship. Plus, the publicity it will generate can’t be too bad for the commercial side of the business too!

TWEET US your thoughts.. andis there anything else you would love to see scaled up in size like this, maybe a food utensil? Or an even more giant Jenga game maybe??!

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