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Epic LOUDEST Burping Battle – Australia vs UK

By - February 28, 2016
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Paul Hunn

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An Australian and an Englishman have recreated ‘The Ashes’ of the Loud Burping world from across the shores.

Australian Neville Sharp unofficially broke Essex-based Paul Hunn’s world record this week with a 110.6 decibel belch.

But unwilling to surrender his crown, Mr Hunn returned fire at first with a 117.9 decibel burp… but then especially for our team he re-attempted again and achieved a whopping 125 decibels on the richter scales!!! In Burping terms, thats a colossal level of gas and air!


Newsivity UK

For a technical comparison, a chainsaw or leaf blower emits approximately 110 decibels, while an ambulance emits around 120 decibels. So Paul Hunn is louder than all…

Newsivity UK

Newsivity UK

Mr Sharp, from the Northern Territory town of Humpty Doo admits that Mr Hunn’s latest levels would be “a hard challenge to beat” and likened it to the friendly yet competitive Ashes of burping.

He said he discovered his gift for producing ear-bursting burps when he was six years of age, and boasted that he once belched so loud that it shook the walls of Western Australia’s Karratha Tavern.

“My sister taught me how to gulp the air down and I figured out you could store a bit more in there with a can of soft drink,” Mr Sharp said.

“I’ve made constant improvement, but find a nice cold beer followed with an icy cold glass of water as a chaser helps.”

Mr Sharp said he had considered challenging for the world title for many years, but was recently inspired after “dropping a few” at the local Humpty Doo tavern.

Despite the challenge laid down by his UK burping nemesis, Mr Sharp says that he will attempt to reclaim the record in late-April, early May.

For now, the undisputed loud burping champion of the world title remains with the mighty Paul Hunn in the UK.


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Think you could do any better???!! We’d love to hear about it if so…

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Special thanks to Paul Hunn in UK.

Music by: Kevin Mcleod