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World’s Largest Underpants made by 2 brothers in India

By - February 19, 2016
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An obsession to get their name recognised worldwide made these two brothers create what they call the world’s “heaviest and largest” underpants; and in an age where everyone is able to be seen and heard so easily for doing something ‘unique’ for the world to enjoy… this really has become quite the growing cultural trend, especially amongst millennials.

Standing at a whopping 18 feet tall and 2kg in weight, these may in fact be the worlds largest and heaviest wearable underpants, although it would take the likes of Godzilla himself to try them on for size and so for now it hangs on the side of a building for all the locals to point at and smile.

Faizal / Anis Khan / Newsivity

Faizal / Anis Khan / Newsivity

Faizal and Anis Khan, the two brothers responsible for creating the BIG PANTS are based in Agra in India, and if the location sounds familiar to you… it’s where the famous 7th Wonder of the world the ‘Taj Mahal’ is based.

Brothers Faizal and Anis Khan

Brothers Faizal and Anis Khan

Which made us WONDER… what inspired the brothers to create the big underwear?

“We wanted to do something big in life but couldn’t think of anything till this idea struck us. We want people to search for us on Google!” said Faizal, one of the two brothers.

“I was going through Facebook when a news item mentioned how the largest gathering of people wearing only underwear was achieved by 2,270 participants in USA, on September 24, 2011. I found it interesting but was sure such an act would not be possible in India. We also searched for many other things related to underwear including wearing the most number of underpants, but failed. That is when we decided to make the world’s largest underwear,” said Anis.

The brothers, both pursuing graduate degrees, have stitched the underpants, blue in colour, with over eight hours of hard work. The manufacturing cost for the cotton garment was around Rs 5,000, they said which is around £50 GBP.

We asked why they chose the ‘boxer shorts’ style of men’s underwear as opposed to the more distinguished ‘briefs’ or ‘G-Strings’ even.

“The style is based on the popular choice of undergarments for people of all walks of life in India. From the villagers to the city folks, this style of boxer short is often referred to as the ‘Lungi’ and so we went with creating this,” Faizal told us.

Locals have been admiring the creation as it is displayed on the side of a building, and it has certainly caused quite a buzz in the local and national press in India.

Anis / Faizal Khan

Anis / Faizal Khan

We love the idea of a couple of bored brothers venturing for fame in a remote and unsuspecting region of south asia. Underwear certainly is universal in the sense that everyone worldwide wears them… and as for the ‘unique’ aspect of this creation… well, we thought they could have been a little more creative and the only way to describe the efforts is with the word: “PANTS!!!”

But who are we to judge… what we advocate is the concept of doing something different, and having fun with it. And if it makes you famous in the process… well, then thats your fault for telling us all about it!!!

But we salute you Faizal and Anis… and here’s hoping it inspires someone to create the worlds largest Lingerie this year… for now; Godzilla can pick up his pants from Agra in India!!!


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Special thanks to Faizal and Anis Khan, and Ishita in Agra, India.

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