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Meet Alex ‘the real-life Werewolf’ – Striving to “Be His Own Daily Hero!”

By - October 26, 2016
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Photo: Eva Aridjis

Meet ‘Alex the real-life Werewolf’ – he’s loud and proud despite his daily struggles.

His family of 30 suffer from a medical disorder which covers their face and bodies in thick, black fur.

Alex is the younger cousin of the more well-known Chuy ‘The Mexican Werewolf’ and Alex is currently touring with friends throughout October / November in Europe especially for the Halloween season… well because they keep inviting him around this time of year!!!

P. Rodriguez / Guavo Media

Guavo Media

His entire family of 30 are all covered in the same dark fur as him – and cruelly shunned in their home town of Loreto, north-west Mexico, because of it.

The children of the ‘hairiest family in the world’ (officially recognised by Guinness World Records) refuse to have more kids for fear they will suffer the same cruelty if they do. Even Alex’s cousin Chuy’s daughter Karla admits it would be ‘difficult to bring someone like me into the world’.

Alex is more positive about his medical condition and wishes to live a good life regardless of the discrimination he faces.

“Sometimes, you just have to be your own hero!” he told Newsivity, speaking in Spanish.

He is also an electro dance DJ and Halloween is peak season for him… well because people are a little more accepting of a real-life Werewolf this time of year!!!

He speaks a little english and is learning to improve his fluency, but is fully fluent in Spanish.


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