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World’s Heaviest Cucumber unveiled by David Thomas in UK

By - September 25, 2015
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This week marks the annual time of year we always look forward to here at Newsivity HQ… when the good ol’ Malvern Autumn Show event kicks off and the highlight for us is always the unveiling of some of the UK’s; and the world’s most Giant, monster Vegetables!

A key highlight for us in addition to the huge Leeks, Cabbages and Parsnips has been linking with the worlds most Heaviest Cucumber grower… the great David Thomas and his family.

The current world record for Worlds Heaviest Cucumber ever grown on Planet Earth has been at a whopping weight of 12.4kg (27.3lb) and was grown by Alfred Cobb in 2003.

This one grown by David Thomas (UK) and showcased at Malvern Autumn Show this weekend weighs in at just over 28lbs (12.7kg).



David Thomas already also holds the World Record for the Heaviest Parsnip weighing a colossal 7.88kg (17.3lb) so he knows a fair bit about growing enormous crops!

Also showcased at the show were giant Leeks, Cabbages, Pumpkins and Parsnips.

Paul Rochester with his new world record Giant Leek

Paul Rochester with his new world record Giant Leek

Giant Leek

Giant Leek

Long Beetroot being measured at the Show

Long Beetroot being measured at the Show

David from Leedstown in Cornwall… feeling “as cool as a cucumber” told us:

“I’ve been developing this cucumber for the past 7 years. This year has been exceptionally cool providing perfect growing conditions in Cornwall. The very best seed along with the mycorrgiantveg have contributed to the success in growing this monster!”

Well it’s certainly a whopper David… and we may not fully understand the fascination around growing larger than average vegetables, but judging from the ‘ever-GROWING’ community of very competitive enthusiasts it certainly captures our attention every year!

To keep tabs on all things Giant Veg visit the guys at the aptly titled:

You can visit the Malvern Autumn Show this weekend with more info via:

About the Malvern Autumn Show:

CELEBRATING its 20th anniversary, Malvern Autumn Show will return this weekend with a feast of family entertainment, artisan produce, and food and gardening royalty.

The harvest show of the season, in association with Westons Cider Visitor Centre will showcase the best seasonal food and gardening in the stunning setting at the foot of the Malvern Hills.

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