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Worlds Largest Drag Queen Show in Seattle, USA

By - June 24, 2014
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What happens when a group of 42 drag queens and a drag king all gather in the one nightclub to sing and dance through a medley of dance-floor hits spanning four decades of time… well, a new world record gets set thats what! At Neighbours Nightclub in Seattle, USA that’s exactly what took place this week and we had our eyes and ears on the results from afar.

The event was pre-planned as a special Pride month edition of the nightclubs’ weekly early 2000’s dance party “HollaBack Thursdays” with local hostess with the mostest Isaac Scott and DJ Bret Law on the wheels of steel!

The gathering of 43 total drag participants at the show broke the previous official world record set in Niagara, Canada in 2012 where 39 drag queens similarly gathered in a single stage performance.

The performance this time was also celebrating the 40th anniversary of Seattle Pride and nearly 500 spectators attended at Neighbours Nightclub which is well-known locally for it’s vibrant and fun-filled club nights… and on this fine evening, the 42 drag queens and one drag king performed to an 11 minute choreographed routine which included one song each from the past 4 decades aptly spanning the 40 year anniversary of Seattle Pride.

“I am overwhelmed with Seattle Pride – this is what we can do when we work together!” said one of the participants with the stage name- Cherry Sur Bête (real name Ryan Schwartz)

“Thank you all involved and all of the talented queens who showed up for rehearsals and performed without pay to be a part of something larger than themselves.”

Event organiser Arden Turnbull told us:

“42 amazing Seattle drag queens and 1 amazing drag king woke up the following day from the event knowing what it feels like to break a world record! And what an Incredible experience it was! Nearly 500 in attendance to witness her-story in the making!”

Fellow organiser of the event Jimmy Scarpello said:

“There are times when you stop for a moment to take it all in. This is one of those moments. This week here in Seattle at Neighbours Nightclub an incredible thing happened. A community came together to do something that has never been done before, anywhere, in the entire world…and not only succeeded but overachieved!” 

The medley of songs danced to on the evening included Dancing Queen by Abba, Cyndi Lauper’s – Girls just wanna have fun, Aqua – Barbie Girl, Kelis – Milkshake, and Rupaul – sissy that walk. The night ended with a catwalk showcase of all the drag queens and then much more fun and frolics into the early hours!

AND… here’s a full list of each of the record breaking individuals that participated in the final 43. They separated themselves into 4 teams representing each of the 4 decades that Seattle pride has been going strong for… and a special proud salute from Guavo land to each of you and all involved, and now cue lights, camera… and strike a pose!

TEAM 1970’s:

1) Aunt Betty Malone

2) Cuntella Von Tease

3) Debrianna Merryfeather

4) Frida Laay

5) Gnom’E

6) Iona Trailer

7) Isabella Extynn St. James

8) LaTrina Bidet

9) Madison Lane

10) Mark “Mom” Finley

11) Smokey Von Tats

TEAM 1980’s

12) Amanda DoKnightly

13) Cherry Sur Bete

14) Dita St. Sur Bete

15) Eva Androgyny

16) Harlotte O’Scara

17) Hellen Tragedy

18) Isis LaGarce

19) Shelita Potroast

20) Siren Hung Majesty

21) Supernova Majesty Michaels

22) Virginia Wolfenstein

TEAM 1990’s

23) Angel Snow-Bunny

24) Ashlee D Paradisco

25) Betty Rage

26) Ceasar Hart

27) Donna Garment

28) Drew Paradisco

29) Felix Manchild

30) Iyona Black

31) Jessica Paradisco

TEAM 2000’s

32) Alessandra Hunt

33) AnaBella De La Rosa

34) Aspen Snow

35) Atasha Manila

36) Brooke Lynn Bradshaw

37) Diamond St James Black

38) Kanani

39) Cotya Hollywood

40) Minerva Major

41) Tailyn Howe

42) Yadira Gale

And not forgetting the HOSTESS:

43) Isaac Scott

For more about Seattle Pride visit:

Special thanks to Arden Turnbull at Sinfinite Events

Photo + Video Credits:

Courtesy of Sinfinite with special credits to photographers at the event Nate Gowdy and Alex Garland.